Mon Jan 27 2020, 5:30pm
WHS Room 2203
Regular Meeting


Student Representative Report

To: Woodland School Board

From: Camila Avelar
Date: 1/27/20

WHS January 2020 Board Report 


Details in this report will be

  • ASB meeting Topics 
    • Survey Update 
  • Finals 
  • Tolo

ASB Topics 

Survey about Start Time: In a previous meeting, I made a comment about making a school-wide survey available to all students about their concerns and comments about the start time. A question was asked at the recent meeting when this survey would be available to students. I responded with having it available by Friday (10-17) and hoping to gather information to present to the board. After making the survey we ran into some complications on sending the survey out. Next meeting I am hoping to have the data to present to the board.


With the end of the semester come finals. This year the final schedule was a little different since we now have the option of 0 periods. The way we went about this was having the finals split up into 2 days during that time period. The reason for this was that students wouldn’t have to come in earlier or stay later to take the final.


Last Saturday (1-25) was our annual Tolo that is planned by the sophomore class. The Friday before, Mr.Uhlenkott came on the intercom at the beginning of the day and informed that the lights would be on during the dance. He explained this being because of the situation that happened at the last Tolo. From the student body, I heard that nothing happened last year. This situation still did frustrated students because dances aren’t supposed to have the lights on. The staff did say that they would be dimmed, which they were, but at the end of the day, they were still on. There was an incident that the lights turned all the way off which quite literally made the crowd cheer, but they turned back on again brighter than before. This did seem to make students leave earlier than usual as well as not having the max amount of fun as Tolo usually is.