Mon Jun 8 2015, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Summer Safety and Security Remodeling Projects – Award of Bids

The bid window on the office remodel projects closed Friday at 3:00 pm.   At closing one bid was received.  

The bid documents are attached.  The base bid was $597,950.00.  

Talking with CSG staff and our architect there are two trends that they are seeing in the market.  1) rapidly rising costs and 2) very few bids.   Both of these factors are a result of the fact that the general contractors are, by and large, very busy.

The good news comes in two different factors:  1) the only bidder (and thereby the lowest bidder) was Five Rivers Construction.  Five Rivers did the Yale Gym remodel and the architect and I were both very pleased with their work.  2) the bid was within the range we anticipated it to be (a bit higher than estimated, once entry work was pulled out).   The initial estimate was $610,838. 


There were five (5) alternates on the bid:

1) Exterior Walkoff Grating at WIS. ($4,320.00)

2) Change Fluorescent lights to LED in Primary offices ($1,702.00)

3) Change fencing from 6' to 8' ($3,342.00)

4) Upgrade resilient flooring to tile floor and wainscot in primary healthroom and bathroom ($17,568.00)

5) Provide concrete stemwalls and gateway and dimensional signage at Middle School exterior ($73,643.00)


I recommend, for purposes of school security, that the board consider Alternate #3 only.


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we approve Five Rivers Construction as the General Contractor for the small works projects, and that we award alternate 3."

Attached Files:
Five Rivers Bid Small works.pdf application/pdf 434K