Mon Jun 8 2015, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Outstanding Junior Women for Achievement in STEM

May 22, 2015


Dear Superintendent Green and the Woodland School Board of Directors:


Each spring, the Hudson’s Bay Branch of American Association of University Women (AAUW) recognizes outstanding junior women for achievement in STEM areas.  At a reception at WSU-Vancouver, girls receive certificates in Mathematics, Science, and/or Technology.  The keynote speaker is a young woman whose career is in one of those areas.  They receive an overview of WSU-Vancouver, and a guide to securing scholarships.  Family, teachers, counselors and others are included in the invitations.


The counselors and/or principals seek the nominations from teachers, and work with us to identify and notify the recipients.  Their cooperation and efforts are certainly appreciated, and they are very professional in the endeavor.


The following are the contact person and the award recipients from your school for this spring:


From Woodland High School (contact person:  Sarah Gray)
Math:  Kyna Byrnes
Science: Anna Karus


Your staff are to be complimented for their courteous, helpful, efforts.  We all wish to encourage these yoncouverung women to strive for their dreams, and know that it takes all of us to provide the opportunities for them to succeed.


Thank you for empowering them to encourage the young women to move on!!




Sue Heise and Mavis Nickels, co-presidents
Kathi Pickett, Event Coordinator