Mon Apr 11 2011, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


March 28, 2011 Regular Meeting Minutes



March 28, 2011 7:00PM
Regular Meeting-District Meeting Room



Jim Bays, Janice Watts, Bill Woodard, Tina Cayton, Steve Madsen, Mia Patterson-Student Representative, Michael Green-Secretary and Tegan Steen-Recording Secretary



John and Kathy Huffman.



Bill Woodard moved to approve the March 14, 2011 regular meeting minutes.

Steve Madsen yes
Tina Cayton yes
Bill Woodard  yes
Janice Watts  yes  carried



Mia Patterson said that she didn't have a report, but students were wondering when the Mock Trial was going to be held this year and if they'd get more information about this. Steve Madsen said he would give more information under the Board Reports section of the agenda. Mia said that students were very interested in it.



Bill Woodard asked about which computer lab would be getting video cameras installed.  Mr. Green said that he was not positive but he believed it was the computer lab across from the District Office.



Mr. Green said that the displays that were around the Board Room were from Mr. & Mrs. Brown's 5th & 6th grade Hi-C class. They had developed these displays as the culmination of a science fair project patterned after the Intel STEM Program in Oregon.  Last year they had the choice of doing an investigation or an experiment. This year they had to do an experiment. The reason for this is that they would have a richer experience working with data.  The Hi-C students had really nice detail in their work. The Board was invited to take a look at their work. The Students from Woodland High School's FBLA club will be at the Chamber meeting at the Oak Tree on Tuesday. Mr. Green invited the Board to attend to see their work.  ESD is helping Michael update the communication plan.  Last Thursday, the calendar committee met and decided to do a 2012-2013 survey.  Michael sent an automated survey call out late this afternoon. He received nearly four hundred responses. April 13th, the WSSDA Regional meeting will be in the Commons at 6pm.  April 20th, the WQCC will meet at 6:00 in the building next to the public library.






John Huffman said that he appreciates the hard work that the Board does.



Steve Madsen said he's working with the Cowlitz Bar Association on the Mock Trial for high school students. He said he'd like the dates to be May 3rd & 5th, as he discussed good dates for this with John Shoup. They still have to schedule the courtroom and develop the fact patterns for the cases, so he didn't have a concrete schedule yet.  He said it would be nice to have county law firms sponsor trophies for the program.  He would like to get moving on this, so our High School students have plenty of time to practice.

Jim Bays said that school visits last week went well.  He noticed a few classrooms were using exercise balls instead of regular chairs for students. He wondered if it was a distraction for some students. Michael said a growing number of classrooms are using them and teachers indicate that students are responding positively.

Janice Watts said that she had attended a staff discussion regarding the support of freshmen who were failing classes.  They discussed how the staff will target a new group of incoming freshmen who are struggling. She also talked with CTE instructors and the food service staff at the Middle and High Schools.

Tina Cayton said that she went to a school climate meeting at the High School and spoke with Mrs. Vetter and Mr. Greenleaf.  Then she went to the Primary School.  She had a great time there. She loves how the younger students love their teachers, and emphasized her observation that Woodland Schools have great teachers.

Steve Madsen went to Leif Erickson's class and was happy that he's taught his students to use him as a resource. He also attended a class at the high school. He was concerned about the fact that it seemed many students did not seem engaged in one particular classroom.

Tina saw teachers doing instructional walk-throughs and appreciated the richness of the conversations about instruction Michael said this was a growing process.  It's very powerful and helps teachers improve teaching skills.

Steve said that he had talked with Mark Houk about how Mr. Erickson had not known that Steve has been involved with the Iditarod. Mark and Steve discussed that it would be good to have a committee to develop resources for teachers from community members who have experience in topics that teachers teach. Mark said that they used to have a committee like that, but it disbanded. John Huffman said that it would be fantastic if teachers had that resource. The Board discussed the teacher and administrative class visits.



Policy No. 2110-Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program
This revision was proposed by Deb Kernen and intended to make the policy clearer and make the rules available.  Bill Woodard asked if the government funding for this program was appropriate for what we spend.  Michael said that he didn't know how close it was.  He said it was not great, but it has increased somewhat.  The Board discussed this program. This revision will be added to the next agenda for a second reading and approval. 



The Board discussed the consent agenda.

Janice Watts moved to approve the consent agenda.

Steve Madsen  yes
Tina Cayton  yes
Bill Woodard  yes
Janice Watts  yes  carried



Approval of 2011-2012 School Calendar Revisions
Mr. Green said that this calendar was developed last year as the second calendar that was needed to have completed to fulfill the WEA contract.  WEA requested that the committee look at winter break and the addition of snow days again on this calendar this year.  The majority of committee members supported the following changes:

  • August 31st school start
  • Add an additional day (December 21st) to winter break
  • Move the end of school to Wednesday, June 13th

The Board discussed the calendar revisions and said that they would prefer to keep what last year's committee had agreed upon.

Steve Madsen moved to accept the calendar that had been previously adopted for the 2011-2012 school year.

Janice Watts  yes
Bill Woodard  yes
Tina Cayton  yes
Steve Madsen  yes
Jim Bays  yes  carried

Mr. Green said the committee will be working on the 2012-2013 calendar at their next meeting.



President, Jim Bays, recessed the meeting into executive session at 8:05 pm to discuss the Board's evaluation of the Superintendent.

President, Jim Bays, reconvened the meeting into regular session at 8:55pm.



President, Jim Bays, adjourned the meeting of the Board of Directors at 8:55 pm.



Secretary to the Board