Mon Apr 11 2011, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


TEAM High Report

To:         Michael Green
From:    Dan Uhlenkott
RE:        TEAM High School Update
Date:     April 1, 2011 

TEAM High School is now established in their new portable.  We plan to keep it neat and tidy.  The students are very appreciative of restrooms that work, heat evenly distributed and new monitors.  The work is still the same however. 

Two weeks ago we administered the HSPE Writing and Reading exams.  Most students told me that they felt good about their performance and were well-prepared.  On April 12 we will be taking the Science HSPE.  Starting with the Class of 2013 (sophomores), students must pass all three in order to receive a high school diploma.  Students are taking these tests very seriously and know the outcomes impact their future.