Mon Mar 23 2009, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


WCE Report

To: Michael Green, Superintendent

From: K. Griffin, Community Liaison

For: School Board Meeting 3-23-09

The spring/summer brochure is currently at the printers. I printed 10,000 copies which reduced the amount by 6000 in a further effort to save costs. This will lower the amount distributed to northern Clark County. I will continue to distribute to Kalama at this time.

We had about 80 adults and kids complete the two hunter education classes in February and March. We are offering a couple of new classes this spring. One is on spending less and saving more on everything from food to cleaning products to entertainment. Candy Falk is teaching the class free of charge because of the economy. Another is on gluten free baking which has value for autistic, ADD and ADHD kids as well as people with allergies. We will have the usual camps and two sessions of swimming this summer. A copy of the brochure is attached. Tegan assists with the layout of the brochure which is also a cost savings when producing it.

Spring sports and Little League have the gyms filled up with practices. We have received all the youth basketball tickets from the Trailblazers and are distributing those for the March 23rd game next week. We have some really neat community events scheduled for spring and summer. The Lions Club anniversary and Hot Chili Cool Jazz in April and the community ID project in May along with a couple of class reunions wedding receptions and Planters Day events all scheduled on the calendar.

The GED and ESL classes are going well. We have good numbers in both classes so the transition was well advertised by the college. The contract for the food handler card testing has been signed and mailed back to the health department. I am hopeful that it will be up and running by mid April. It will be a source of revenue. WCE gets to keep $6.00 of every $10.00 card issued.

We completed the grant for the AED and we have been contacted by CINTAS that they received our grant application. We should get word by March 31st whether our District has been chosen to receive an AED. The Safe Schools meeting this month emphasis was on gangs and whether we are seeing an influx of this activity in Cowlitz County. Longview seems to be seeing an increase in gang related activity. OSPI would like a survey completed regarding this information. The consensus around the table was that in light of the current budget woes any money dedicated to this could be better spent in other areas.

Numbers for WCC and YCC are attached. Missy has been working very hard at trimming costs for WCC. As you are aware Carolyn Trice of Woodland Wheelchair has committed $250 per month to assist with the purchase of snacks for the program.

I will be taking vacation the week of March 23 to March 27.


Hi Tegan, numbers are about the same-25 to 35 kids after school. Seeing more "30" days this last week. We are very pleased also with our new snack partnership ($3000/yr). I am also going to be collecting new escrip supporters at Safeway in the next couple weeks. Thanks Missy


Here are our numbers for YCC:Feb 23-27 = 27 children, 5 children a day average

March 2-6 = 22 children, 4+ children a day average

March 9-13 = 27 children, 5 children a day average

March 16-19 = 22 children (4 days), 5+ children a day average

I have also had 3 new student registrations.

Thank you, Lesley


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