Mon Jan 26 2009, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


WCE Report

To:       Michael Green, Superintendent
From:   Kathleen Griffin, Community Liaison
For:      School Board Meeting 1-26-09

The winter brochure was distributed the second week of January.  We did insert approximately 12,000 in the Reflector and mailed approximately 3000 to Kalama.  The registrations are coming in at a normal pace.  I will be able to determine cost savings when I receive the invoice from the Reflector.  The cost for insertion is 4 cents vs. 10 cents to mail the piece.  The next cut may involve eliminating the mailing to Kalama.  I am looking into a different form of distribution for Kalama. We are once again offering Hunters Education through Community Education and the registrations for that class have been brisk.  The state does not allow us to charge for the class we do require a $20.00 deposit (payable to the instructor) which is refunded when the course is completed.

We ended up with 126 kids registered for youth basketball.  This is approximately 3 teams more than last year.  Many of the teams have 11 players which is the maximum I really like to see on a team.  We have a rule regarding quarters played (minimum of 2) which makes substitution patterns more difficult with 11 players.  Needless to say the coaches are doing a great job this year and I have a good crew of referees from the high school.

Facility use has been the usual challenge during winter sports.  Youth wrestling began on January 5 and we have 3 of their home matches to get scheduled along with community education practices and basketball from the middle school and high school and high school wrestling.  Everyone has been very cooperative and helpful and a big tip of the hat to our custodians for all the work they do getting doors opened and closed along with gym floors and clean up etc.

As you are aware LCC will be closing the Woodland branch of their campus on January 31st.  I have been in meetings with the college to bring ESL and GED back to our buildings. We have most of the issues worked out and it will most likely be a mid February start.  I am also in talks with the Health Department to bring food handler testing into my department.  I felt strongly that it was important to keep this service in Woodland and I am reviewing the contract they had with LCC.

I will be attending a Safe Schools meeting today (Jan 22) where we will debrief with agencies and other school districts about what went well and not so well during the December weather and the January flood event.  It should make for some interesting dialogue.  I am still waiting for delivery of our portion of the emergency back packs.  We should hear something today regarding the time table for delivery.  These were purchased with Safe Schools grant money.

WCC and YCC numbers are attached for your review. There was a problem with Lesley Miller being able to get to YCC during the flood she was caught on the other side of the slide.  We do have a substitute in place for days that she cannot be in attendance.


WCC Report

Hi Tegan, we have registered 3 new students since December 15th, our numbers are down little 27 to 38 after school. We have adjusted by reducing our staff yet keeping a safe environment for WCC. We received our $650.00 grant from PTSA for Mad Science. This grant covers ½ the cost for 8 once a week sessions, which began on January 5th. I'm not sure if I mentioned last month that WCC delivered 5 baby blankets to Life Hope pregnancy center just before Christmas. The blankets were made by many little hands over the past summer at WCC. Our once a month session with the Woodland Public Library has been great this year. They have a new outreach staff member and he's full of energy and has been having the kids perform short plays, getting lots of involvement. Our escrip ongoing fundraiser has accrued over $1200.00. Thanks Missy


YCC Report
Dec 1 - 5 (5 days) = 23 kids

Dec 8 - 12 (5 days) = 33 kids

Dec 15 & 16 (2 days) = 19 kids

Jan 5 - 9 (3 days) = 18 kids (weather/road issues) Jan 12 - 16 (5 days) = 47 kids Jan 20 & 21 (2 days) = 12 far

Thank you,
Lesley Miller