Mon Jan 26 2009, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


2009-2010 Budget Advisory Team Overview

With the potential for significant and severe budget reductions in our future the School Board will be required to make some very difficult choices as we plan for the 09-10 budget year.  In preparation for the decisions which must be made the administraiton is proposing the use of a Budget Advisory Team.

Purpose:  To study current and proposed future operations, and provide non-binding input and/or recommendations to the School Board regarding budget reductions for the coming fiscal year.

Scope of Work:  This group will have no decision making authority.  Such shall remain the responsibility of the school board.  The group will review and provide input on all aspects of the schools operations and expenditures.

Membership:  School Board (2),  Teachers Union (2), SEIU (2), Administators (2), WHS Students (2), Parents/Community Members (3), Staff (4) (Superintendent, Director of Business, Asst. Superintendent, Asst. to Supt)

At the board meeting the Superintendent will present the framwork and process of this team, respond to questions, and discuss adjustments.