Mon Jan 26 2009, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Capital Facilities Focus Group Trial Presentation

After two content reviews of the Focus Group presentation with the Board we are ready for a "Trial" presentation with the Board.  The purpose will be to gather any final feedback for adjustments to the presentation.  



Site Selection Focus Groups

During the months of February and March a series of focus group meetings will be held.  We have identified ten different focus group audiences that we wish to gather input from.   The design of these groups is intentionally homogeneous.   The identified groups are as follow:

1.    Adults and seniors with no children in school.

2.    Parents of Woodland Students

3.    Athletic Boosters and Coaches

4.    Local Business Owners (Chamber/Rotary)

5.    Yale Valley Community/Parents

6.    Civic Leaders

7.    Teachers

8.    Current WHS Students

9.    Classified Staff

10.    School bus drivers

Participants in groups 1-5 will be done by the administration.   Some individuals have been identified as potential participants in groups 1-5.  Additional names that can be offered by the board in these categories would be helpful.



Attached Files:
Focus Group - Presentation of Site Details - Draft 5[1].ppt application/ 2B