Thu Nov 10 2022, 6:15pm
WHS Room 1204
Special Meeting


The 3-Rs (Road & Roof Repair)

At the regular meeting of the board on May 26, 2022, the board discussed concerns regarding 5th Avenue which is adjacent to Columbia Elementary School.  Though the board did not take formal action on proposed improvements at that time, funding was approved for discussed improvements with the approval of the 2022-2023 budget.  Initial planning, permit applications, soil testing, and engineering are in progress for this scope of work.  

After already completed engineering costs and security upgrades (including fencing), we have about $205,000 for capital improvements.  In addition, with board approval of Resolution 22-11 we will have an additional $230,000 in the Capital Project Fund for these projects.

In recent weeks facilities director Brian Wrigley has had the roof of Woodland Middle School evaluated and has identified an urgent need to replace significant portions of the three-tab roof shingles.  Failure to replace the shingles may lead to costly damage.  The estimated cost of replacement will be $417,000 plus tax ($460K).  Though we have some money set aside in the facility sinking fund, we do not have the ability to fully fund this urgent project.

We have several options that the board can consider:

1) Re-shingle WMS and delay the 5th Street road improvements 

2) Re-shingle WMS and proceed with a limited scope of work on 5th Street.  The limited scope would include the following:

  • Re-grading of gravel roadway
  • Drainage improvements
  • Widening the road near the CES portable to accommodate a bus turnaround
  • Installing bollards, fencing, or other traffic control measure to prevent through traffic

(possibly necessitating a shift of GF funds to CPF, use of reserves, and a possible budget extension)

3) Re-shingle WMS and proceed with the full-proposed scope, including asphalt, curbing, and sidewalks. Doing so would require a budget extension and the significant use of financial reserves.

4) Proceed with the proposed scope of road repair and defer the roof repairs (and hope/pray for no rain).