Thu Nov 10 2022, 6:15pm
WHS Room 1204
Special Meeting


Human Resources and Safety Report

To: Michael Green

From: Vicky Barnes

Date: November 3, 2022

Subject: Human Resources and Safety Report

Human Resources Summary

This month I continue to process both certificated and classified substitutes in the hopes of leveling out the unfilled absences we have. Fingerprints have been delayed, which has added to the time it takes to bring a new substitute on board. I attended a law conference which was very informative. This conference highlights current trends seen in schools and helps me to audit our current practices to ensure we are in compliance with our policies and Washington laws. I am currently working on several reports. The EEOC report is due November 22, 2022, and is almost complete. I also oversee the apprenticeship program, which allows our classified staff to attend college classes and be reimbursed. Another new apprentice signed up, so we currently have seven active apprentices. I am required to report the hours of the employees each month to L & I as part of this program and track their progress in classes. 

I continue to monitor and advise staff who either have symptoms of COVID or test positive to ensure staff and students are able to be in class as much as possible. Mandated vaccination requirements ended on October 31, 2022, so I will no longer need to meet with volunteers or staff concerning accommodations. 

Safety Summary

The first week of October I met with Keith Merritt, who is heading up the Safety-Security Assessment audit, and each of our administrators. In these meetings, we began by listening to concerns each of the administrators had with their specific building. Compass is working on getting a bigger picture and will make recommendations based on their findings.  I am also doing several audits to ensure staff have completed the required forms and that buildings have what they need in their “grab and go” bags. 

The staff and student incident reports below play an important part in accountability, recognizing trends, and looking at root causes for improvement.

Staff and Student Incidents

Staff Accidents/Incidents

  • NFES - Employee slapped on neck by student - bruise
  • NFES - Employee bit on wrist by student - bruising
  • NFES - Employee bit on leg by student - pain
  • NFES - Employee running after student tripped - bruise to knee
  • CES - Employee slipped on spill - no injury
  • WMS - Employee cut fingers using paper cutter - lacerations for fingers
  • WMS - Employee accidentally kicked by student - bruise to shin
  • WHS - Employee cleaning up broken glass was cut - minor lacerations to palm
  • WHS - Employee running after student tripped - shoulder fractured
  • PIT - Employee struck by car door - bruise to upper leg

Student Accidents/Injuries

  • NFES - Student fell at recess - fractured arm
  • NFES - Student hit by a stick thrown by a student - face laceration
  • NFES - Student tripped over ball, landed on arm and knee - small abrasion on knee, pain
  • NFES - Student tripped on stairs on play structure - cut above eye 
  • Yale - Student fell off play structure, landed on face - sore
  • WHS - Student hit in jaw during soccer - concussion
  • WHS - Student hit head diving for a ball in the gym - paramedics called, student checked out
  • WHS - Student tripped on stairs - scraped knee