Wed Apr 8 2020, 6:00pm
Via Zoom Video Webinar and Telephone
Regular Meeting


Identify Budget Reductions should EP&O Levy Fail

The voters will have the opportunity to consider the renewal of the EP&O levy this month.   If the proposition fails to gain passage the school district will be required to make $3 million in reductions in order to operate within budget next year.

Items to be discussed and considered will include:

School-Based Reductions

  • Reduce Teaching Staff.
  • Reduce Custodial Staffing to funded level
  • Reduce Paraprofessional/Prog Specialist Staffing to Prototypical Model. (18 positions)
  • Reduce Building Level Secretarial Support
  • Eliminate one Secondary Asst. Principal 
  • Eliminate MS Asst. Principal 
  • Eliminate Social Workers at Elementary Level
  • Eliminate LPN Nursing Positions
  • Cut Vocal Music Accompanist
  • Eliminate Summer School
  • Close Yale School
  • Reduce Yale Staffing

District-Wide Staffing and Supports

  • Eliminate Family and Community Resource Program (FCRC)
  • Attendance Supports (Eliminate Truancy Specialist)
  • Technology Reductions
  • Eliminate Behavior Support Specialist
  • Reduce Maintenace and Grounds Staff
  • Eliminate Communications Contracted Position
  • Reduce District Level Secretarial Staffing
  • Eliminate Assistant Superintendent 
  • Eliminate New Curriculum Expenditures
  • Defer Facilities Maintenance
  • Eliminate HR Director
  • Reduce GF Contribution to Staff Development (Shift Expenditure to LAP)
  • Increase WCC Fees

Special Services Reductions

  • Reduce School Psychologist FTE
  • Reduce Special Program Secretarial Support 
  • Eliminate Physical Therapist Position 
  • Reduce ELL Staffing to Funded level

Athletic Reductions

  • Eliminate All HS&MS Athletics
  • Eliminate All MS Athletics
  • Reduce HS Athletics to Varsity Only
  • Reduce HS Athletics to Varsity & JV Only. (Eliminate "C" squads)
  • Reduce Athletics Coaching Staffing by 20%
  • Increase/Implement Participation Fees
  • Shift Transportation Costs to ASB
  • Shift Equipment and Officials Costs to ASB