Mon Mar 23 2015, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Construction Change Directive: Visitor Bleacher Asphalt

In the course of discussion at a weekly construction meeting the issue for future visitors' bleachers at the new Beavers Stadium arose.

As you may remember the South End of the stadium has a “notch out” for future visitor seating.  Similar to the area at Kalama HS on the east end of their field.

As a part of this conversation we discussed the fact that the “notch-out” is currently designed as grass.   Next week the contractors are beginning surfacing of the track area and I enquired as to the cost of paving the area along with the track.   As we discussed this it was noted that it would be much cheaper now than in the future.  Additionally, once the rubberized track surface is down it is very risky and potentially expensive to drive equipment across the track to move dirt, import gravel, or roll asphalt.

A ROM (estimate) was requested to remove 2.5 inches of grade soil, import 6.5” of base rock and roll asphalt.  The estimate was in the neighborhood of $25K.   I have asked for a COP (a formalized price) and hope to receive this before the board meeting.

 My inclination is that this would be a wise expenditure that provides opportunity for future installation of visitor bleachers.