Tue May 28 2013, 6:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


Staffing Proposal

In the last few weeks the Administrative Team as met and we have discussed various options for staffing that will help us maintain our focus on teaching and learning through additional curriculum support and other supports in buildings that will fee principals to work more effectively with improvement of instruction.


We are proposing the following support.



 Estimated Cost

Secondary Learning Specialist (TOSA)(WHS/WMS)  (Footnote A)

1.0 FTE


Dean of Students (WMS) (Footnote B)

.2 FTE


Extended contract for Learning Specialists (WPS, WIS, WMS/WHS) (Footnote A)

10 Days Ea.


(Footnote C)

 Total Cost:



Additional supports that are planned will be funded by current and anticipated Title 1 funds. (Footnote G)



 Estimated Cost

Additional Clerical Staff for Learning Specialists  (Footnote D)

6 hr/day


Additional "Fresh Start" staffing at Woodland Intermediate (Footnote E)

90 min/day


"Fresh Start" staffing at Woodland Primary School (Footnote E)



"Social Worker" at WPS (Shift Counselor to WIS) (Footnote F)

1.0 FTE



Administrative Recommendation: /MOTION/ II move we approve the staffing plan, as presented, for the 2013-2014 school year."  




Footnote A: Currently we have two literacy specialists, one each at the two elementary schools.  They would have a title shift, to Elementary Learning Specialists and would have broader responsibility that will include reading and mathematics.  The Secondary Learning Specialist will also have responsibility across the curriculum, though we hope to identify a person who has an excellent understanding of mathematics.

Footnote B: Cari Thomson has done an excellent job building and supporting the CTE program.   This responsibility has significantly increased her workload.  the .2 FTE staffing would likely be a teacher, from her current staff, who would be released 1 period per day to provide additional support, largely with management functions.

Footnote C: As a point of comparison a HS Asst. Principal would cost an estimated $108,000 (Salary + Benefits)

Footnote D: Currently the Literacy specialists do a lot of data entry and tracking of students performance on assessments.  Clerical staff will allow them to use their time on curriculum leadership tasks and instructional coaching as opposed to more mundane data entry tasks.

Footnote E: "Fresh Start" is a program that began at WIS two years ago.  It is focused on proactive behavior intervention and administration of low-level discipline.  This program has been very effective at reducing bullying behaviors, reducing incidents of inappropriate behavior, and managing chronic behavior issues.  These issues traditionally take a significant amount of principals time and are generally dealt with reactively as opposed to proactively.

Footnote F: We can, under Title 1, provide additional "counseling" support to the buildings.  We are seeking a "social worker" as opposed to a school counselor because of distinctive training they receive in developing community support systems for families and children.  They are able to do all of the same counseling type functions with children and families, additionally they are skilled in connecting children with broader support systems in communities.

Footnote G:  In prior years we had to have a significant set aside for "supplemental educational services" (SES, Private tutoring) and for Staff Professional Development.    The Washingtion State NCLB waiver has freed up the funds set aside for SES and we are able to utilize those funds for other needed and aligned services.