Mon Jan 24 2011, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


Joe Bosch Leave Request

Attached is a request for unpaid leave from Mr. Joe Bosch. He is requesting a 3 month leave from his mathematics teaching position in order to pursue an administrative internship.

Please note that in the first paragraph Mr. Bosch states: "I attempted to obtain this leave earlier but was refused the opportunity by my building administrator." Mr. Bosch did ask Dr. Thomson earlier in the year for a leave and Dr. Thomson shared that she would not recommend it for approval. According to Dr. Thomson Mr. Bosch withdrew his request.

Policy 5409 Discretionary Leaves states: "Leaves of absence shall be granted only when they shall not have an undesirable impact upon the educational program or business operations." The principal believe that granting this leave would have an undesirable impact on the educational program. Mr. Bosch has been, and continues to be trained in the new mathematics curriculum that we are piloting. It would be difficult to bring someone on-board and have them up to speed on the curriculum.

Recommendation: /MOTION/ I move we do not approve the leave request of Joe Bosch.

Attached Files:
Bosch Leave Request.pdf application/pdf 451B