Mon Jan 24 2011, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


January 12, 2011 Regular Meeting Minutes



January 12, 2011 7:00PM
Regular Meeting-District Meeting Room



Jim Bays, Janice Watts, Bill Woodard, Tina Cayton, Steve Madsen, Michael Green-Secretary and Tegan Steen-Recording Secretary



Deb Kernen, Asha Riley, Mark Houk, John Shoup and Stacy Brown.



Tina Cayton moved to approve the December 20, 2010 regular meeting minutes.

Steve Madsen abstain
Tina Cayton  yes
Bill Woodard  yes
Janice Watts  yes  carried



LEGOs 4 the Cure
Jim Bays recessed the meeting to go to the Library for a LEGOs 4 the Cure presentation by Tim Brown's class at 7:01pm. The class did a 5 minute presentation about bio-robotics, with questions and answers following. Then the Board moved to Tim's classroom for a LEGO robotic demonstration. The class will be going to a State Championship on Saturday, and Tim said this was good practice.

The Board returned to the District Meeting Room and Jim Bays brought the meeting back to order at 7:41pm.



Mr. Green reminded the Board of the WQCC meeting hosted by the Port of Woodland, next Wednesday, January 19th.  He showed the Board a facilities procedure revision with minor changes reflecting a new time limit of 11:30pm on weekends and 10:00pm on weeknights and some application procedures that reflect what the process really is. Michael said that Janice had joined the celebration of National Board Certified Teachers that was held last week. The celebration was for five District teachers, Jennifer Cullison, Shari Conditt, Allison Daun, Holly Royle and Pete Kovalenko.









Steve Madsen thanked Mr. Green for sending a resolution regarding what the Board had made regarding a new casino. He wanted this item to be on a future agenda for discussion to look at the impacts to the District. He said he has never been opposed to and always supported the idea of a new casino, and thinks it is a positive thing.

Jim Bays asked for February and March dates for school visits, as he missed the email about this during the holiday season. He asked John Shoup when Challenge Day will be. John said that it will be February 8th.

WSSDA Conference Review
 Jim said that he went to four workshops during the conference. One session was called Seismic Shifts, with announcements about many federal initiatives that are coming. He attended a session about how Board's conduct business and felt good about how our Board works. He was very interested in the Vancouver School District (VSD) all-day Kindergarten program session. He thinks it's a good idea, but knows with economic times the way they are, we will have to wait to see the data on how this is working in other districts.   He said there is a 10 minute DVD on the VSD website for more information about this. Jim is still concerned about the high school homeless in the State. He said that some districts have 400-500 students listed as homeless. Michael said that the federal definition of homeless could be "living with grandma", but it is a concern. Jim said that he has been assured that we don't have a problem and have a handle on our homeless students. He said that in the vendor area he saw a program for a way to do high school graduate follow-up; something that could be of interest to John and a possible benefit.  He also came away from the conference concerned about the highly capable students at the Primary School. He knows Asha Riley is working on this, but would like to learn more about it.

Bill Woodard attended the Kindergarten, the Common Framework for School Board Governances, Leadership Roles of Schools, Directors Self-Assessment and Online Learning sessions at the conference. He had handouts for other Board Members.  He said he learned things he didn't know at this conference and got a lot more out of it this year.

Janice Watts attended the conference, but wasn't available to give her report.

Tina Cayton asked if Michael could send the Board Outlook notifications for special events. Michael said he could do that.



The Board discussed the consent agenda including Cristina Huerta's new 3 hr ELL position. Deb Kernen said that she will be a great asset, as she will do ELL outreach and serve as a District interpreter.  Jim said that he understood that the ELL class was starting a newspaper like the Beavertonian for the Hispanic community.  Deb said that Lauren Cockrell started this group.  John said he was reviewing it and it was on his desk. He said it looks very professional and he thinks it is great, though he does not know what it says.  Jim asked how it would be distributed and John said he would ask Lauren.  Deb said that this was launched at the parent meeting in December and it is a regular club with a president and secretary. The paper has information on graduation requirements and all the same type of information, like the Beavertonian.  Deb told the Board that Steve Rippl also added a Google application to the website that allows the reader to change language. Tegan Steen demonstrated this feature for the Board. 

Bill Woodard moved to approve the consent agenda.

Steve Madsen  yes
Tina Cayton yes
Bill Woodard  yes  carried



Policy No. 5410-Holidays-Second Reading and Approval
Mr. Green showed the Board the final draft of the policy which showed the specific changes to the language of the Holidays policy.

Tina Cayton moved to approve the Policy No. 5410-Holidays revision.

Steve Madsen  yes
Tina Cayton  yes
Bill Woodard  yes  carried

Board Goals Workplan Approval
Michael and Jim had added the changes since the last meeting.  Bill Woodard asked about the timeline to get the work done.  Michael said that a lot of it was ongoing and that the workplan keeps it on the Board's radar.

Bill Woodard moved to approve the Board Goals Workplan.

Steve Madsen  yes
Tina Cayton  yes
Bill Woodard  yes  carried



President, Jim Bays, recessed the meeting into executive session at 8:09 pm to discuss personnel with no action to be taken upon return.

President, Jim Bays, reconvened the meeting into regular session at 8:14pm.



Results from Community Survey Regarding Location of New High School
The Board discussed how they wanted to use this information. At their summer retreat, the Board had decided to do the survey to gauge what the community thought about the site.  Steve Madsen said there's no need to look at a third option, as the survey makes it clear that the respondents preferred the Dike Access Road site. The survey information backs the Board to move ahead with the process.  Jim Bays said he and Michael were working on a response to a letter to the editor regarding the site.  Bill Woodard said that they could add information about what we're going to do with the survey information. Steve agreed that it would be good to indicate the community's preference towards the Dike Access Road site, and let everyone have one last chance to let the Board know their preference.  Jim said that they'd get to work on the letter.



President, Jim Bays, adjourned the meeting of the Board of Directors at 8:26 pm.



Secretary to the Board