Mon Oct 25 2010, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


Addressing Student Safety and Bullying at Woodland Schools

Last spring there were several parents who came to the board with serious concerns and claims that student-to-student bullying and harassment was a serious problem at Woodland Intermediate School.

In response to these concerns and claims a great deal of effort has been invested at Woodland Intermediate, as well as other Woodland Schools to identify assess and address the concerns.

The purpose of this presentation is to present the board with information regarding what has been learned and what has been, and is being done to actively address the concerns presented.
There are multiple attachments.  Some of them are redundant.   I have printed Powerpoint (.ppt) documents to PDF (.pdf) documents  They are the same.  The Slideshows "Student Survey Graphs Summary" and "Responses to Bullying" are the two that will be presented at the meeting.  The rest are available as supporting information.
Attached Files:
Parent Survey Graphs.pdf application/pdf 33B
Parent Survey Graphs.ppt application/ 12B
Parent Survey Tables.pdf application/pdf 73B
Responses to Bullying.pdf application/pdf 9B
Responses to Bullying.ppt application/ 2B
Student Survey Graphs.pdf application/pdf 8B
Student Survey Graphs Summary.pdf application/pdf 8B
Student Survey Graphs Summary.ppt application/ 21B
Student Survey Tables.pdf application/pdf 112B