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Budget Advisory Team Recommendations

Budget Advisory Team Recommendation 4/8/9

With significant funding reductions from the state of Washington anticipated, the Budget Advisory Team has comprehensively reviewed the Woodland Public Schools general-fund budget.  Based upon this review several options that may be considered by the board have been developed.  This has been a very difficult process for all involved; difficult because, with few exceptions, these adjustments will have an impact on students and families in our community.  Some options were generated that, upon review, were not listed, because the savings were insignificant relative to the negative impact of the options.

The team reviewed and evaluated each option.  The members of the team scored each option.  This allowed the team to rank order these recommendations.   Following the ranking of the options the team divided the list into three tiers.  These tiers were based in large part on the team’s understanding of the costs of the impacts relative to their expected savings.   Tier I cuts are, in the consensus of the team, those which should be considered first.  Tier II cuts should be considered second, and Tier III should be last considerations.

It is expected that, at the end of the process, the Board will adopt a reduced education program that reflects many of the ideas listed below.  It is also expected that many of the ideas will not be adopted as-is.  They may well be modified.  Other options may be considered as well.

Tier I Adjustments

•    Eliminate Half-Day Kindergarten on Mondays at WPS (Kindergarten students would attend on alternate Mondays). - $12,000
•    Eliminate Financial Supplement to Hi-C program. - $18,000
•    Move to a six period day at WMS in order to accommodate sharing of staff between WMS and WHS - $50,000
•    Adjust fees for Before School/After School Child Care programs (YCC/WCC) to, at a minimum, break even. - $20,000
•    Increase Facilities Use Charges to generate 15%-20% “Indirect recovery” for lights, heat, etc. - $4,000
•    Reduce School Budgets 20%. - $54,000
•    Eliminate Saturday School at MS/HS. - $3,000
•    Reduce .6 FTE Administrative staffing by distributing WHS Athletic Director responsibilities among Asst. Supt., H.S. Principal, and H.S. Asst. Principal. - $60,000
•    Reduce Human Resources Position Staffing. - $3,000
•    Cancel Membership in ESD Instructional Materials Coop that supplies films and other media for classroom instruction. - $15,500
•    Reduce District Departmental Budgets (Administration, Technology, Custodial, Maintenance, etc.) 20%. - $99,000
•    Eliminate General Fund Supported Professional Development Travel and Substitutes for Coaches for Professional Development. - $7,000
•    Pay for Athletic Officials and Supplies from ASB. - $30,000
•    Eliminate Kindergarten Boost Program at WPS. - $1,250
•    Eliminate Administrative Position of Community Education / Community Liaison Manger. Distribute responsibilities and reduce or eliminate programs. - $71,300
•    Cancel Membership in ESD Communications Coop. - $18,000
•    Turn off Stadium Lights in Evenings - $600
•    Pay-to-Play Fees of $50 (MS) $100 (HS) per season-sports $25/year for band. - Make allowances for multi-sport discounts, sliding scale fee and/or need based scholarships $40,000
•    Scorers/Ticket Takers/ Announcers / Clock Operators done by volunteers or supported through ASB. - $6,000
•    Eliminate Funding for Field Trips. - $12,750
•    Suspend Curriculum Adoptions. - $0 from current, $80,000 from typical
•    Reconfigure Grade levels at Yale School - $35,500

Tier II Adjustments

•    Increase lunch prices by 20 cents - $17,000
•    Move Yale Grades 4&5 to Woodland Intermediate School - $12,000
•    Eliminate High School “C” Sports Teams. - $9,000
•    Reduce Custodial Staff by 10% to 20%. - $55,000-$110,000
•    Increase efficiencies in school bus transportation system including eliminating School Bus “Courtesy Stops” for students, transportation on private roads, and enforcing 1 mile transportation radius. (Exceptions for stops on roads with heavy traffic and no safe walking lane)
•    Reduce Extra Paid work-day for some specialized staff: Librarians, Counselors, and CTE teachers. - Up to $49,700
•    Reduce Woodland Middle School Basic Ed Funded Para-educator Staffing by 65%. - $25,500
•    Cancel Membership in ESD Nursing Services Coop. Reduce overall nursing services from 1.8 Full Time Equivalent Nurses to 1.0 nursing services. - $43,000
•    Close Yale School  - $215,000

Tier III Adjustments

•    Eliminate 1.0 FTE Secretary district-wide. - $40,400
•    Eliminate Woodland Child Care - $12,500
•    Reduce Woodland Intermediate School Staffing by 2 teachers (3 below current level) Class sizes will increase by an average of 2.9 students - $142,000
•    Reduce MS Athletics to one team per grade level (eliminate “C” Teams). - $12,000
•    Eliminate Middle School Athletics. - $85,000
•    Reduce WHS Staffing by 2.3 to 3.3 FTE Teaching Staff (average class size increase of 1.8 to 2.7 students). - $163,300 to $234,300
•    Reduce IT Department Staffing by 16.7%. (4 of 24 hours). - $22,500
•    Reduce Woodland Middle School Staffing by 1.625 to 2.625 staff. Class size increase between .9 and 2.2 students per class. - $115,400 to $186,500
•    Reduce Woodland Primary School Staffing by 1.5 teachers. Class sizes will increase by an average of .6 students. - $106,500
•    Reduce Basic Ed Funded Para-educator Staffing at WPS by up to 30%. - $87,500
•    Deposit 50% to 100% of Athletic Gate Fees into the General Fund. - $15,000-$30,000
•    Eliminate Yale Child Care - $7,500
•    Close In-School Suspension/Print Center shared between Woodland Middle School and Woodland High School. - $29,000
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