Mon Mar 23 2020, 5:30pm
WHS Room 2203. Board will attend via Zoom Video Conference
Regular Meeting


April 28 EP&O Levy Election

On the evening of Thursday, March 19 the district received the attached letter from Kim Wyman, Washington Secretary of State.  If it comes to pass that Governor Inslee cancels the April election (which some believe is a foregone conclusion) we will be in the unenviable position of having to cut $3 million from next year's budget.

This level of cuts will necessitate significant reductions in our staffing levels and reductions to programs.

Though we will have the opportunity to request voter approval in August or November, neither of which is optimal (nor is asking for approval in the middle of a global pandemic), the elimination of the opportunity for the April election will necessitate the development of two different budgets for the 2020-2021 school year.    The most profound impact will be that we must make certificated (Teacher/Administrator/Educational Staff Associate) reductions PRIOR to May 15.   Many of these positions will be difficult, if not impossible to replace once we gain voter approval in August or November.

Planning for the magnitude of reductions necessitated by this edict will be daunting.  Particularly in a period of time when the ability to gather people together to roll up their sleeves and collaborate on solutions is so limited.

This board will discuss your wishes and directions for the development of budget reductions moving forward.

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