Mon Sep 26 2016, 5:30pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Discussion of Chapter 7 of "Effective School Boards"

Chapter 7 is titled "Strengthening the Superintendent-Board Partnership"


The chapter discusses


The Superintendent as a Partner: "The governance role of the board is, in large part, dependent on the way the board and superintendent relate.  If the superintendent ignores the board or coordinates in an arbitrary manner, the board's role becomes compromised."


The Board as a Partner: "If the board is not a full partner, the superintendent will make decisions knowing the board support may not be strong or consistent.  Superintendents may choose to maintain current practice rather than risk the lack of board support for stronger action."


The Meaning of Partnership: "Partnership means that the superintendent and board work together in forming and achieving the goals and strategic direction for the district."


The Risks for Superintendents: "For the superintendent, thinking of the board as a true partner can carry risks as well as rewards, given the power the board has."


How Boards can Reduce Risk:

- Focus on what matters.

- Develop and implement an action plan.

- Forge a relationship with the superintendent.

Superintendent Steps Toward Partnership

- Promote board development

- Build partnerships

- Focus on what matters


There are no questions at the end of this chapter.   Please review the Superintendent/Board Operating Principles within the context of this chapter and the board will review these.