Mon Mar 28 2016, 5:30pm
Woodland Middle School Library
Regular Meeting


Facilities and Safety Report

To:       Michael Green
From:  Scott Landrigan
Date:   March 23, 2016
RE:      Facilities and Safety Report


Healthy Kids Grant

I received an email from the grant administrator at OSPI regarding the status of the Healthy Kids grant. There were 150 applications submitted totaling $18.3 million dollars. With a grant ceiling of $5 million dollars, it becomes quickly obvious that all our request (totaling $193k) may not be approved. Due to the overwhelming number of applications, the preliminary reward date was pushed from March 31st to April 15th. Woodland School District application included the following equipment/items:

  • Covered play areas for Yale, WIS and WPS
  • LED lighting packages for Covered areas WPS and WIS
  • New play equipment for Yale, WMS
  • Bottle fill stations for WPS, WIS, WMS, Yale

New PE Equipment

The maintenance and custodial teams were busy over the last few weeks installing a new 10’ X 40’ climbing wall in the Yellow Gym. The system built by Everlast Climbing Industries is a great addition to our gym. In addition, three new basketball backboards and nets were installed outside the Yellow Gym. Two more will be installed under the covered play area over the next few weeks. The installation of the Goliath play system is moving forward and is expected to be fully installed at the end of spring break. The massive play system takes up a 46’ X 48’ footprint and has numerous games and activities including 5 slides, climbing fixtures, decks and ladders. Most important, the system is age appropriate for the Intermediate School students.


There were 9 injuries (see attached chart) in the month of February; one staff and 8 student injuries:

1. One teacher slipped between the Green and Yellow halls (reason unknown; injured right side).

2. Student was sitting on top of monkey bars and fell and received back injury.

3. Student had ankle injury when shifting direction during game.

4. Student ran into fire hydrant when trying to catch football and received bruise.

5. Student picked up another student, lost balance, fell and hit head.

6. Student hyper-extended knee while warming up.

7. Student sprained finger trying to catch football.

8. Student felt like she would faint.

9. Student fell on playground pavement and sprained ankle.

As discussed last month, I will be taking a deeper look at injuries based on those with the highest incidence. A detailed look at sport injuries (highest incidence) since the beginning of the year, yielded the following results:


1. Injury related to inadequate warm up (2)

2. Related to incorrect catching of a ball (finger strain) (4)

3. Soccer goal block (1)

4. Roll ankle when exiting running track (1)


1. Football quick change in direction (broken ankle)

2. Football broken femur

3. Football finger stuck in opposing team helmet

4. Basketball finger fracture

5. Trip broken wrist


1. Slip

2. Student to student impact

Head impact

1. Slip on court

In almost all cases, the accident reports had the required follow up activities to correct any deficiencies. If I see a trend or high incidence of injuries, I will typically address it at a District level, via email or training. My department will continue to address and explore different opportunities to reduce the injury rate. Additionally, I will send the safety portion of this report out to the District monthly to keep the issues in front of everyone’s eyes.


I will also track and report on electrical, natural gas, water consumption and total cost; primarily to find opportunities to reduce cost and identify inefficiencies in our current usage. Electrical will include cost per kWh, cost per square foot and total cost. Similar charts for natural gas and water will accompany this report.

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