Mon Jan 11 2016, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Approval of SEIU 925 Collective Bargaining Agreement

On Thursday, January 7th SEIU ratified the tentatve agreement. (TA).  This follows several months of bargaing a successor agreement to the one which expired at the end of August 2015.


The estimated cost changes associated with this agreement are:

Adjustments to Salary Schedule                                                        $96,000

Health Care Authority Retiree Benefit Carveout                                   $9,000

Additional funding for medical benefits                                               $9,000

Additional Funding for staff who pass apprentice program.               $3,000


SEIU is responsible for drafting the full revised Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  I received the first draft on Sunday, January 10th.  Including this draft  I have four (4) documents for your review.



1) the prior contract (to allow you to see agreed upon changes within context);

2) the Tentative Agreement (TA) Document that shows the agreed upon amendments, additions, and deletions to the CBA;

3) the Agreed upon salary schedule (Attachment "G") for the 2015-2016 school year; and

4) the DRAFT CBA (Stilll to be proofread)



Administrative Recommendation/MOTION/  "I move we approve the collective bargaining agreement with SEIU as presented." 

Attached Files:
SEIU 2012-2015.pdf application/pdf 392K
SEIU CBA DRAFT.pdf application/pdf 796K
SEIU Salary Matrix 15 16.pdf application/pdf 65K
SEIU TA.pdf application/pdf 207K