Mon Jan 11 2016, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Policy 1630 Discussion

Policy 1630 addresses Evaluation of the Superintendent.

Procedure 1630P adds some implementation detail to the policy.

Evaluation language from the superintendent's contract with the school board states: 

The board shall evaluate the Superintendent's performance at least annually, in accordance with board policy and no later than March 1 of each contract year, with the results of said evaluation made known to the Superintendent.
The board evaluation of the Superintendent's performance shall reference annual goals and objectives for the Superintendent which shall be discussed and agreed upon by the Board and Superintendent by August 1 of each year for the coming school year.  No later than April 1, of each contract year, the Board will review the Superintendent's employment status to determine whether to offer the Superintendent an extended contract, or alternatively, to allow the present contract to continue toward its expiration date.  If no action is taken by the board, the contract shall be deemed to have been renewed for an additional year."

The historical practice of the school board has been to review the performance of and provide written feedback to the superintendent in the early spring of the year (by March 1, but generally occurs later)   Each year the board indicates that it would make more sense to do the superintendent's evaluation at the end of the year, and prior to goal-setting for the coming year.

The board may wish to consider modifying the practice going forward so that the evaluation of the superintendent happens in July when more metrics from the prior year are available.  Additionally, this timing would dovetail nicely into goal-setting for the ensuing year.  

This timing would allow the opportunity for the superintendent to work toward improvement in areas of identified deficiencies prior to the April 1 timeline by which the board must take action on the renewal of the contract.