Mon Feb 9 2009, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


WMS Report

Date:              1/29/09
To:                  Michael Green, Superintendent
From:            Cari Thomson
RE:                   WMS Summary of Teaching and Learning - January     

2009 is up and running at Woodland Middle School!

Professional development for staff on Mondays during the month of January has focused on revamping our mission statement.  This was an area of need identified in a staff survey taken previously this year.  Members are working through a process that includes individual reflection, small group and large group consensus.  Members of the building leadership team (BLT) are facilitating the small groups.  We will continue this process through February.

BLT is currently engaged in a book study.  We are reading Dufour's, Whatever it Takes.  The purpose of the study is to challenge and solidify our beliefs about student learning and to critically examine how we provide interventions to students at Woodland Middle School.  This fits in nicely with the Navigations 101 committee's work on advisory periods and how to maximize effectiveness. 

The Lego Robotics team received second place in the state tournament and we are currently waiting for qualifying information for nationals.   The tournament will be held in Ohio during the month of May.

Students at Woodland Middle School recently donned their hats during the day.  The cost was $1.00 per hat and all proceeds went to the Children's' Cancer Society.  Students and staff raised over $300.00.

I have explored the possibility of joining the Longview/Kelso athletic league to save on transportation costs.  The athletic directors are interested, but need to check with their administrators as it would be an increase in transportation costs for the league.

Unfortunately, the groundhog did not see his shadow this week, so it looks like more winter. Let it snow!