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Special Services Report


Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

Submitted by: Deb Kernen


* WMS LAP Reading Program-staff include: Alison Coons-full time LAP Reading Specialist and 1/2 time Instructional Assistant. They are providing reading intervention to 66 seventh and eighth grade students who fall in the bottom 25% quartile. Curriculums may include: Corrective Reading, Read Well, Rewards, & Read Naturally, and other materials to supplement the Core English curriculum for each student. Frequent assessments monitor student progress and serve as indicators as to which reading strategies each individual struggles with most, and the reading intervention curriculum is tailored to meet the individuals needs


* WMS LAP Math Program-staff include: Jan Bohrnsen-1/2 time Math Intervention Specialist. She is providing math interventions to 44 students that have failed the sixth grade WASL, 2008, and two who passed, but still require additional interventions. Instruction is based on curriculum and materials used in the Level One general education math classes including Glencoe’s MathScape. This is our first location in the district to provide a very much needed math intervention as a result of additional funding the state provided LAP for this school year.


* WHS LAP staff include: Barb Lutz-Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA). She is providing a WASL prep class for 3 seniors that have not passed the Reading WASL. Specific reading strategies are taught to assist students in becoming proficient at answering WASL prompt questions.


All students receiving LAP services are required to have a Student Learning Plan. I have attached an example.

As you can see, this is a working document that is created during conferences with the parent, teacher, student and reading/math specialist.

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