Mon Jan 12 2009, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


WalMart Easement for Streetlights

Hi Michael,

I just received a call from Jeff Vanderdasson at Pacland Engineering in Portland. He is working with Walmart on constructing the shared access to Walmart’s store and the District’s future development. He informed me that the PUD’s power lines are standing in the path of where Walmart originally planned to locate its street lights. Walmart thought the PUD was going to put the power lines underground. However, undergrounding is not going to happen, so Walmart needs to move its street lights to the opposite side of the street. This will require getting an additional public utility easement (PUE) from the District. Mr. Vanderdasson indicated that Walmart would locate the street lights so that they would not impact any of the District’s future plans for developing the property, and so the District would not have to “do anything over” when it does develop.

I told him that a picture is worth a thousand words, and he agreed to draw a sketch of the requested easement. He is going to e-mail that to you and me this afternoon. I said that I did not immediately see a problem with granting the PUE, but reminded him of the appraisal/audit requirements on school districts. If Walmart is going to put in the street lights in such a manner as will benefit both itself and the District, we may be able to consider Walmart’s work as sufficient value for the easement.

Once you have reviewed the sketch, you can contact Mr. Vanderdasson directly, or give me a call with any questions or guidance you may need.