Wed Jul 28 2021, 6:15pm
Woodland High School Library and Zoom
Regular Meeting


Setting Substitute Teacher Pay Rates for 2021-2022

The administration is recommending setting the pay rate for substitute teachers in 2021-2022 at $165 for a full day and $96 for a half-day, with a bonus rate of $180/$104 for substitutes who have worked over 25 days in the school year. 

Currently, the number of people available for and willing to serve as certificated substitute teachers is limited and they typically work in multiple school districts. As indicated below, pay rates in our region currently range from $144.27 to $190.00. We periodically review our substitute teacher pay rates in an effort to make sure our rates are competitive in hopes that the pay rates help us attract and retain substitute teachers as needed. 

District Full Day Half Day Incentive Pay? If yes, after how many days and how much?
Battle Ground $144.27 $90.17 Amboy MS and Yacolt PS (schools that are the furthest north in BG School District) are $151.86 for a full day or $94.91 for a half-day.
Hockinson $156 $97.50
Kelso $190 $95 Placed on salary schedule if in a long-term assignment (greater than 5 days in the same role).
La Center $150 $90
Longview $175 $87.50 These are the rates for the first 90 days. After 90 days a full day is $190 and a half-day is $95. 
Ridgefield $155 $94
Vancouver $171 $102.61 After 25 days (cumulative in the school year) $182.36/$109.43
Woodland $145 $85 After 25 days (cumulative in the school year) $160
RECOMMENDED $ 165.00  $96.00  After 25 Days $180.00/$104.00

ADMINISTRATIVE RECOMMENDATION /MOTION/  "I move we adopt certificated substitute pay rates for the upcoming school year as proposed"