Mon Jul 20 2015, 2:00pm
Woodland High School Room 2203
Special Meeting


WHS Change Order #28

Attached is Change Order #28.

The change order totals $12,656

Details of the Changes are below:

CCD138 Downspout color change at the gym.  The specified color was a tan.  When put against the green wall areas it was determined that green would be a better choice so we asked that they be painted.

CCD145 T&M Owner use of elevator. Prior to final inspection of the elevator it cannot be used except by a certified operator.  The elevator was needed by the carpet installer (the district contractor) to move carpet upstairs.  This is to be reimbursed by the carpet company.

CCD153 Add isolation valve for acetyline. This was an addition for safety purposes.  An emergency shutoff for the welding acetyline.

CCD154 Change Rock to Rip-Rap at Parking Lot Swales.  The slope of the swales in the parking lot was steep enough that the specified river rock would likely roll to the bottom of the swale and not stay on the upper perimeters as designed.  The change to rip-rap (larger crushed rock) was made to kept the rock where placed.

CCD155 Conduit and Wiring for the Grandstand Timing System.  This was a post add design to allow installation of a timing system for track.

COP81 Lighting for Scoreboard and Flagpole.  The football field lights are highly directional.  At night time the scoreboard and flagpole are dim enough that it is hard to read the lettering on them.  The addition is to add low-voltage lights to the scoreboard that will illuminate both the board and the flagpole.

COR176 Conduit Routing at the Shared Activity Areas.  The wiring design at the shared activity space was not constructible in a manner that is functional and visually appealing.  This was a design change.

COR379 Elevator Room Sign. The elevator inspector required additional signage on the door of the elevator room.

COR385 Boiler hallway Emergency Light.  This was required by the building inspector.

COR387 Stop Sign at Robinson Rd and Dike Access Rd. This was required by the city and not included in the original plans.

COR388 Change Practice Baseball Infield per Joe Percival. This was a requested change in grass layout by our athletic director.


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ I move we approve Change Order #28 as presented.

Attached Files:
WHS - Change Order 028 For Signatures - 150717.pdf application/pdf 631K