Mon Jul 20 2015, 2:00pm
Woodland High School Room 2203
Special Meeting


Please approve release of Bid for Keying and Entry Control upgrades

Attached is a Request for bids for keyless entry systems, and revisions to the keying systems at WPS, WIS, and WMS.


There are two goals for this work:

Eliminate the need for traditional keys for the exterior of the buildings.  Employees and after hour users will be issued an access card that allows access to the building when the building is secured.   Keycard access allows employees and authorized users to access the building, but if a keycard is lost, it is deactivated.  Currently, if a key is lost the finder had access to our building(s).  Master keys have seemingly proliferated within our district community.  


Replace classroom door systems with systems that allow the teacher to lock the door from the inside of the classroom. Currently, if a teacher wishes to lock their classroom door, they must exit the classroom and lock it from the exterior.   Locking doors from the interior is helpful in the event of an intruder-based emergency.


It is estimated that the work will cost between $120,000 and $160,000.



Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/  "I move that we approve the bid proposal as presented, and authorize the Superintendent to advertise for bids for the work described" 

Attached Files:
Entry System Bid.pdf application/pdf 4M