Mon Mar 28 2011, 7:00pm
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Tech Report

Date: March 24th, 2011
To: Michael Green
From: Steve Rippl
Subject: Tech Dept. Executive Summary

The TEAM move was probably the big event for us this month, but with help and coordination from Bill Hanson's team it went very well.  By the end of last Friday all of the staff and student computers were in place and running.  I think all the planning had paid off because the space seemed to be laid out well, we hope it's a comfortable long-term home for them so we don't have to move them again too soon!

Every year we have to complete a technology survey for the state where we inventory our hardware and teachers and certificated admins take an online survey to gauge their levels of technology integration and proficiency.  While seemingly not particularly consequential as far as the State is concerned (I guess they're just collecting information at this point), the results seem to indicate that at least for those that took the survey (which wasn't quite everyone) our technology proficiency is adequate or good with overall improvement from last year.  Our tech integration levels are mostly at the States "level 1" but an increase from last year in the numbers of 2s and 3s so we must be heading in the right direction.  I believe later in the year data will be available where we can compare ourselves to similar sized Districts in the State which may be more meaningful, I've included the summary for the current data at the bottom of this report.  Our inventory of hardware was interesting as we have almost reached 1,000 staff and student computers now.  This expansion over the last few years has seen a lot more student access to technology, but for the time being we have probably plateaued, our emphasis at the moment is on solidifying and improving what we have in place.

On that note Spring Break is coming up and we have a reasonably lengthy list of maintenance projects from upgrading anti-virus clients on staff machines, cleaning out local profiles, increasing the RAM on some older but still serviceable computers which will require the guys to put their hands on every staff computer in the District.  Additionally we'll install security cameras in the Middle School Lab and reconfigure the authentication mechanism on our Thin client servers.  We're also altering how staff network home folders work, introducing a quota on storage space and giving a separate personal network archive folder that won't have any quota.  The reason here is that large synchronised home folders have been slowing peoples computers down, this will again improve performance of our older machines.  It'll be a busy week for the guys and to rub it in I'll be taking a couple of days off at the end of the week to take the family to the Oregon coast!


Classroom Technology Integration (2009-) (K-4 and 5-12 combined) Total Users: (74)      
   ImprovedReducedNo ChangeFirst Time
Classrooms at Tier 156 75.68 %252353
Classrooms at Tier 211 14.86 %92  
Classrooms at Tier 37 9.46 %51 1
Classroom Teacher Proficiency (2009-) (K-4 and 5-12 combined) Total Users: (74)      
Teachers Not Proficient0 0.00 %    
Teachers at Basic Level33 44.59 %161241
Teachers at Proficient Level41 55.41 %28913
Administrator Technology Proficiency Total Users: (10)      
Administrators Not Proficient0 0.00 %    
Administrators at Basic Level3 30.00 %11 1
Administrators at Proficient Level7 70.00 %3 13
Librarian/Media Specialist Technology Proficiency Total Users: (3)      
Librarians/Media Specialists Not Proficient0 0.00 %    
Librarians/Media Specialists at Basic Level0 0.00 %    
Librarians/Media Specialists at Proficient Level3 100.00 %1 11