Thu Oct 14 2021, 6:15pm
WHS Library (Also Available via Zoom)
Study Session


Note on Public Comment at Study/Work Sessions of the Board

School Board Policy 1400 allows for public comment on agenda items and study topics at study/work sessions.     

  • Public comment on agenda items: The board may also allow members of the public to comment on items listed on the agenda as Discussion Items or Action Items.  Such comment will occur after the presentation of that item and prior to any board action.  Any representative of a firm eligible to bid on materials or services solicited by the board will also be entitled to express an opinion. 
  • Public comment at work sessions: The board will provide time at the end of their work sessions during which visitors may present comment to the board regarding the topic(s) discussed and studied at the work session.

The board provides the opportunity for public comment on non-agenda items at their monthly business meeting (generally the second meeting of the month)

There will be a sign-up sheet for people who wish to address the board on agenda items or the work session topic.  In order to be recognized by the board president, you must sign up on this sheet prior to the beginning of the meeting.

People who attend the meeting remotely may make their desire to speak to the board by indicating so prior to the meeting in the "chat" function on Zoom.