Sat Mar 12 2016, 9:00am
Meriwether Clubhouse — 1743 Meriwether Lane.
Special Meeting


Board Workshop

The board will work through activities that will focus on developing a deeper understanding of the work of the board.   Activities will focus on the follwoing questions:

Past: What history do I/We bring to the board? 

Purpose: Why am I a member of the board?  Why does the board exist?

Perspectives: What are my deeply-held values?

Passion: What aspects and ideas excite me and drive me in my board service? 

Process: How shall we function as a board?   What are the “norms” that guide our actions as individual board members? What are the “norms” that guide our actions as a whole board?   What are our needs as board members to allow us to function well?

Plan: What are our next steps?  Goals for the Board?

            Short Term (next month)

            Mid-Term (by fall)

            Long-Term (next five years)