Mon Feb 22 2016, 5:30pm
District Meeting Room
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Facilities and Safety Report

From:                 Scott Landrigan, Director of Facilities and Safety Report
To:                     Michael Green, Superintendent
Date:                  February 17, 2016
RE:                     Facilities and Safety Report


  • Mezzanine Roofing Project

Tremco Roofing (KCDA member) was in last week and conducted a detailed inspection of all the roofs at all of the schools in the district.  This report will provide a real time snapshot of our current roof conditions and offer a maintenance plan for roof repairs moving forward. This report will also help in budgeting these costly repairs to help streamline the budgeting process. As most of you are aware many of the roofs are in need of some level of repair (excluding the new WHS). The roof in the worst condition is the roof over the mezzanine in the Green Gym at the middle school. Due to the poor condition, this area was closed for normal day to day activities due to multiple large soft spots in the roof decking.  It is currently only being opened on a case by case basis until the roof repair is complete. The report from Tremco will provide a clear path forward on roof work for this summer.

  • Student/Staff/Visitor Injury Report 

Please see attached report.

Probably not a lot of surprises here. The next step is to look deeply into each injury to see if any improvements can be made to equipment, staff/student training, the facilities or engineering controls to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence. I will provide the results of that exercise in the February report.  These charts will be imbedded in this report moving forward.

  • Healthy Kids / Heathy Schools grant

Completed the application for the Healthy Kids /Healthy schools Grant.  This grant is focused in 5 different areas.

  • New play system For the Yale school
  • Play area covers for WPS WIM and Yale
  • Bottle fill stations for all schools excluding WHS
  • Rock climbing wall WMS
  • LED lighting improvements WPS and WIS

The grant has $200,000 maximum, our request was for $193,111.  The grant closes 2/19 and administrators will be notified in mid- March. The Legislature appropriated $5 million in the 2015-2017 capital budget for OSPI to administer a new grant program, Healthy Kids-Healthy Schools, as part of the Healthiest Next Generation Initiative. This grant program will help schools remove barriers and bridge the gaps that stand between best practices, processes and policies for improved student health. The grant also includes renovations to existing buildings, site improvements, purchase and installation of new or renovated equipment.

Next month I will also be adding facility cost to the monthly report in an attempt to lower gas, water and electrical cost and identify cost saving opportunities. Each utility will be measured/plotted against a standard cost (TBD) Standard cost could be calculated based on student hours or school days etc. The goal here to turn down systems when not in use or not occupied and save dollars.  

Attached Files:
Student-Staff-Visitor Injury Report.pdf application/pdf 185K