Mon Jun 17 2013, 3:30pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Special Meeting


Acceptance of Bid for Yale Gym Remodel

On Wednesday June 13 Bids for the Yale Gym Project were receieved and opened.  We only had two firms bid on the project.  The good news is that the lowest bid was just below ($142 below) the low estimate for the job.   Further good news was that Five Rivers Construction appears to have a very good reputation.  I was able to speak to two prior public customers (Tacoma PUD and Port of Kalama) and in both cases they reported good quality work, on time, and fair pricing on change orders.


The board will be asked to accept the bid of Five Rivers Construction.  Additionally, I ask that you consider two alternates that were bid.

The external appearance of the base bid design is in the attached image.


The first alternate is the external mask design is also attached.

The cost of the bid alternate is $40,659.  about 80% higher than it was anticipated to cost.   This is a cosmetic upgrade that I personally like very much.   I do think the price is too high.  I do not recommend approval of this alternate

The second alternate is a gym divider curtain.  The cost of this alternate is $10,605.   This curtain was identified by the community as a highly desireable peice of equipment.  I have investigated installed pricing and we can install for a slightly lower cost.  There is an advantage to having the curtain installed by the contractor in that it is coordinated with construction and, more importantly, is warrantied with the building.   The architect highly recommends that we have the contractor do this work even though the cost is a bit higher.   I am recommending approval of this alternate.

Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ I move we accept the base bid, and alternate number 2 (gym divider curtain), of Five Rivers Construction for the Yale Gym Remodel and authorize the Superintendent of Schools to execute a contract with them for this work.

Attached Files:
Alt 1 Masks.pdf application/pdf 296K
Base Bid Exterior .pdf application/pdf 345K
Five Rivers Bid.pdf application/pdf 522K
JWC Bid.pdf application/pdf 432K