Mon Jun 28 2010, 2:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Special Meeting


2:00 Welcome and Setting the Stage

1  The FIRST priority of our school system will be student learning.  To this end it is our goal that every student will be taught by skilled, high-quality teachers who provide effective and high quality instruction, and who are equipped with necessary tools and training. Elements of this goal will consider:

  • Effective Hiring Practices.
  • Effective professional development, including expansion of support for National Board Certification of Teachers.
  • Effective Evaluation, Mentorship, and other practices to assist employees.
  • Ongoing evaluation of curriculum and technology tools.

2 A Quality Learning Environment is important to effective learning.  In order to provide a quality learning environment

  • School and District Buildings will be maintained in a high standard of cleanliness, safety, and order.
  • Ongoing and timely preventative maintenance will be performed.
  • Replacement of the current Woodland High School will be a priority.
  • Planning for growth will be a proactive process, taking into consideration impacts of potential growth from changes in the economic, housing, and business environment of Woodland and surrounding communities.

3 Our schools will provide opportunities for students to be exposed to and acquire twenty-first century career options and work skills.  The District will explore opportunities to enhance career and technical education of students through:  

  • Effective partnerships with Community Colleges, business, industry, the Clark County Skills Center, and professional organizations and individuals.
  • Adjustment and/or enhancement of career and technical education offerings in our secondary schools.

4 Effective, two-way communication with our entire community is essential to maintaining and building trusting relationships with the community. Improving communication through the implementation of methods of communication will be employed as part of a district-wide communication plan, including but not limited to:

  • Increased use of electronic media,  
  • Public meetings focused on interactive engagement,
  • Focus groups that target various demographic groups within the community.  
  • Additional targeted strategies to reach community members without children in the public school system will be employed.

5 The District will remain fiscally healthy through prudent and conservative fiscal management.  Indicators of such management will be:   

  • Maintenance of a modest, yet healthy fund balance in the General Fund (4%-6%).
  • Operating with a balanced budget (revenues, without inter-fund transfers, equaling expenditures).
  • Identifying and implementing efficiencies in purchasing, contracting, and operations.

6. An effective School Board is essential to the success of the School District. The School Board will commit to improving their collective skills through:

  • Annual self-assessment.
  • Participation in Board Development activities.


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