Mon May 24 2010, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


May 10, 2010 Regular Minutes


May 10, 2010 7:00PM
Regular Meeting-District Meeting Room



Jim Bays, Janice Watts, Bill Woodard, Steve Madsen, Chelsey Rohm-Student Representative, Michael Green-Secretary, and Tegan Steen-Recording Secretary



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Bill Woodard moved to approve Tina Cayton's absence from the meeting.

Steve Madsen  yes
Bill Woodard  yes
Janice Watts  yes  carried



Steve Madsen moved to approve the minutes of the April 26, 2010 regular meeting.

Janice Watts  yes
Bill Woodard  yes
Steve Madsen  yes  carried



Chelsey Rohm reported that 2010-2011 WHS ASB and Student Leader elections were held and Mia Patterson will be replacing Chelsey as Student Representative to the Board. Mia will start her new position at the first June meeting. Prom was last weekend. Jordan LiDrazzah and Alex Brocius were named King and Queen.  The annual WHS blood drive is tomorrow, May 11, and Art Fest is May 25-27 in the WHW Auditorium and Gym.




Bill Woodard asked for clarification on some of the acronyms used in some reports.  Michael shared that HSPE and MSP are the new WASL. Bill Woodard thanked Deb Kernen for a pre-school mini-grant.



Mr. Green told the Board about the May 6th lockdown caused by concern about a potential intruder.  The suspect who was arrested, Justin Jacobson, had been seen on the WMS/WHS campus on Wednesday last week. Police did a search both days but did not find him on school grounds. The Cowlitz County Prosecutor told Michael that he was charged with criminal impersonation and burglary. Keith Merritt, Safe Schools Coalition, will do a formal debriefing of the incident on Tuesday, so that schools may learn more from this experience to review and learn how to improve on an already effective process of lockdown.

Jan Kennell, bullying and harassment specialist from ESD 112, has visited WIS and is planning to visit WPS. She spent an entire day observing the climate at WIS to get an impression of any problems they might be experiencing. Her initial impressions were that, overall, there are no major problems in the school. She said there could be more playground supervision and she will continue to work with principals.  Student will take an online bullying survey. Michael will have more information for the Board by the next meeting.

Michael gave the Board a document that showed the Board the actual costs and savings for the lighting project that Bill Hanson reported on at the last meeting.

The Board discussed the report. Mr. Woodard asked for a thumbnail sketch of the formal debriefing on the lockdown incident.

Mr. Green said that he was working with K &M lighting, who have a compact fluorescent light bulb program in Clark and Cowlitz counties. At the end of May, students will be able to get people to sign up for free light bulbs and the District will get a $3 per box rebate.



Mr. Green said that he got a notice of WSSDA's annual conference in November in Spokane. Jim Bays said he might go this year.



Steve Madsen reported that he and WHS students participated in a mock trial. He thought Kelso students were better prepared because they worked on the preparation in school. Woodland students had to work on it after school and most had other scheduled activities and couldn't get the prep time in. Most juniors expressed an interest in doing it again next year.  Dan Uhlenkott agreed the time commitment was difficult for students, but Steve said that if they agree in advance to make the commitment it would work out better. Overall, they both agreed it was a very good, valuable experience for students.  Jim Bays thanked Steve for doing this.

Janice Watts asked if the Board were going to do school visits this year. They are not going to this year.






Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Services

Jodi Lietz, WHS Substance Abuse Counselor (Funded by federal grant through ESD 112 was present to discuss drug and alcohol abuse prevention services at Woodland Public Schools.  Jodi gave the presentation about what she does for students at WHS. She teaches prevention education and runs Tobacco, Substance Abuse, Affected Others groups and Prevention Club. She discussed the data from the Healthy Youth Surveys with the Board.  Bill Woodard asked what more the Board could do for them.  She said they should consider not losing the position. Cari Thomson said that it would be helpful if they could find a way to sustain the Safe Schools grant for mental health services, because they have been very helpful for Woodland's students.

Traffic Study Report
The Board discussed the traffic study report for Dike Access Road. The study looks at the traffic flow. There are concerns in the community that the proposed roundabouts will block or slow traffic. The study shows that the flow of traffic would improve. The City of Woodland has a design for the roundabout for Schurman Way, but no funding yet.  Steve Madsen still had some questions for Jeff Wise of HDJ Design, who sent the letter about the study results.



Consent Agenda

Janice Watts moved to approve the consent agenda as presented.

Steve Madsen  yes
Bill Woodard  yes
Janice Watts  yes  carried



Resolution No. 2535-Board Delegation of Authority to WIAA

Steve Madsen moved to approve Resolution No. 2535-Board Delegation of Authority to WIAA

Janice Watts  yes
Bill Woodard  yes
Steve Madsen  yes carried

2010-2011 School Calendar Approval

The Board discussed the changes to the 2010-2011 Calendar. The spring break had been moved from the last week of March to the first week in April. The District learned that, after the Board approved this calendar in January, the Skills Center would have different spring break dates.  The calendar committee voted 11- 5 to change the spring break to align with the Skills Center's spring break.  There was some frustration about changing our spring break to align with Evergreen School District's calendar because of our students' participation in the Skills Center. And changing our calendar to align with the Skills Center negatively impacts our students who participate in Running Start.

Bill Woodard moved to approve the 2010-2011 Calendar.

Steve Madsen  yes
Bill Woodard  yes
Janice Watts  no carried

Instructional Materials Approval

Craig Downs presented three novels that the Instructional Materials Committee recommended for the Middle School. The novels were, The Search of the Moon King's Daughter, Tangerine and Milkweed.

Bill Woodard moved to approve the recommendation of the three novels for use in the Middle School's English Classes.

Steve Madsen  yes
Bill Woodard  yes
Janice Watts  yes  carried

*Mr. Woodard asked that the Board remember to discuss funding for sustaining the Safe Schools grant that Cari Thomson brought up. Tegan Steen will add this to a list of items that the Board wants to revisit.



Board President, Jim Bays, recessed the meeting into executive session at 8:38pm to discuss negotiations and legal issues with no action to be taken upon return.

Board President, Jim Bays, reconvened the meeting into regular session at 8:56.



Board President, Jim Bays, adjourned the meeting of the Board of Directors at 8:56 pm.



Secretary to the Board