Mon Mar 22 2010, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


Budget Process Discussion

On February 8, the board was presented with a recommendation for process on Budget Adjustments for the 2010-2011 school year.  That recommendation included a timeline as follows:

  • February 15- March 19 Budget Advisory Team
  • March 22-April 16 Feedback Forum
  • April 26 Presentation to the Board, Public Hearing
  • Between April 27 and May 7th Special Meeting(s)
  • Final decisions by Board May10th. 

During discussion on February 8th, President Bays recommended a modification to this timeline to include a presentation to the Board at the conclusion of the BAT Work.    This presentation was scheduled for March 22.

On February 8th it was not considered that we could potentially close the projected gap without significant additional cuts.   If the board is amenable to the recommendation of the Budget Advisory Team then our reductions will certainly be far less controversial than they were last spring.   This ultimately suggests the question of the necessity of a broad public process.   One recommendation for the board to consider is to publish the BAT Recommendation and invite interested parties to provide input at a public hearing at either the April 12 or April 26 board meeting.   Another option is to offer a single forum and invite intersted parties, though lack of controversy will likely not invite broad attendance.

The question for discussion is— What would the board desire to occur in terms of public process prior to board consideration of the recommendation of the BAT?