What does the levy pay for?

Unlike bonds which pay for new buildings and facilities, levies pay for critical educational programs and services.

Woodland’s replacement levy fills the 12-15% funding gap between what the Washington state legislature funds and what local schools ACTUALLY NEED to provide high-quality educational programs.

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Please note: The infographic in the printed flier mailed to the community contained two typos: listing Basic Education as $2,343,467 instead of $2,843,467 and listing Operating Costs & Materials as $500,000 instead of $340.184.The online version has been corrected.


The local levy pays for...

76% of our staff who keep our technology infrastructure and tools working

38% of our staff who keep floors vacuumed, windows washed, and lunchrooms clean

43% of our staff who keep the lawns mowed, buildings painted, Heating Systems running, and facilities repaired.

19% of all costs associated with keeping students nourished

35% of district-level administrative and support staff

72% of our Basic Ed Paraprofessional, health room, and Program Specialist Staff

100% of extracurricular, arts, music and athletic programs

61% of our school nurses

78% of our substitute costs

23% of our Yale School Staff

11% of our Woodland Middle School Staff

21% of our Woodland High School Staff

100% of Programs like PASS at WHS, and the Family Community Resources Center.

12% of our total Special Education expenditures (about $600,000)

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