The Replacement Levy LOWERS taxes in 2024.

The School Board worked diligently to consider economic hardships that may be facing Woodland's families and chose to decrease the amount of funds collected in 2024 to provide some tax relief to the community resulting in a reduction of approximately 9% to the average property owner's school tax bill.

Levy Tax Amount Collected

2023: $6,100,000 (expiring levy)
2024: $5,900,000
2025: 6,250,000
2026: $6,625,000

In 2025 and 2026, the replacement levy collected amount increases with the rate of inflation and growth, however the tax rate is estimated to remain the same for all three years at $1.91 per $1,000 of assessed property value.


This means a TAX DECREASE for property owners...

House Value 2023 taxes 2024 taxes
$200,000 $420/yr 


$400,000 $840/yr $764/yr

2024 taxes estimated to be -9.05% LESS than 2023.
Listed amounts are estimated and may vary depending on home location and other factors.

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