Woodland's Alternatives to In-School Instruction: Lewis River Academy and TEAM High

Woodland Public Schools offers two district programs designed to help students learn from home with limited or no classroom interaction: Lewis River Academy (LRA) for students in grades K-8 and TEAM High School for students in grades 9-12.

These programs are offered in addition to Woodland's traditional schools. Community members are not required to enroll their students in Lewis River Academy or TEAM High, rather, the district offers these programs as ongoing alternatives for parents or caretakers who would prefer their students not return to in-school instruction, pandemic or no pandemic.

Both LRA and TEAM have served students throughout Woodland Public Schools for many years and provide authentic, rigorous, and enhanced alternatives to in-school instruction for students in any grade. 

Does your family not live in Woodland? Not a problem. Any interested student can enroll in LRA or TEAM by applying for a Choice Transfer boundary exception. More information is available on the district’s website here: https://www.woodlandschools.org/choice-transfer 


Remote Learning Virtual Open House

Join Executive Director of Learning Alternatives Jake Hall along with some of the staff of Lewis River Academy and TEAM High School to learn more about the programs in this Virtual Open House originally held on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. Click here if you would prefer to download and listen to the audio-only version.

Lewis River Academy - ExteriorLewis River Academy (K-8)

Lewis River Academy (LRA) offers an alternative learning environment for K-8 students who want to participate in an innovative approach to school featuring lessons taught at home provided by two teachers dedicated exclusively to the program combined with optional in-classroom activities.

LRA requires the same amount of rigor as traditional schooling with students dedicating hours each day to their schooling just like any other student. The program also allows enrolled students to take electives like art and band as well as participate in extracurricular programs like clubs, drama, and athletics while continuing their core classes at LRA.

Learn more about Lewis River Academy from two of its students

Join Caleb and Elizabeth Osorio, two of Lewis River Academy's students, as they talk about Woodland Public Schools' innovative LRA program in this video they made themselves.

Click here to learn more about Lewis River Academy

TEAM High School (9-12)

TEAM High School - ExteriorTEAM offers Woodland’s high school students a path to earning a diploma (not a GED) with an approach to school that accommodates extenuating life circumstances facing individual students such as full-time work, challenges with traditional school schedules, or family responsibilities.

Students create a learning plan with TEAM’s teachers and work at their own pace, regularly checking in with the school’s staff via video teleconferences, phone, email, or even by text message. While learning is self-directed at TEAM, the school’s teachers can provide instruction and support in all subject areas whenever a student needs additional help or would more detailed lessons. If a student struggles to make progress at any point, the school’s teachers help students adjust learning plans, if necessary, to ensure academic success leading to graduation.  

Plus, students enrolled at TEAM High School can take electives like art and band as well as participate in extracurricular activities including clubs, drama, and athletics at Woodland High School while progressing on their high school path at TEAM.

Click here to learn more about TEAM High School