About Woodland Public Schools

Woodland High School stadium at night

Woodland Public Schools, in partnership with families and the community, will create a PreK-12 system that serves and supports ALL children-and ensures that EACH child has FULL access to, is engaged in, and obtains an excellent education that prepares them for responsible citizenship and a future of adaptability and success in life and their chosen endeavors.

Woodland Public Schools serves about 2250 students in 5 traditional public schools: (Yale School, Woodland Primary School, Woodland Intermediate School, Woodland Middle School, and Woodland High School) and two Alternative Learning Programs (Lewis River Academy, and TEAM High School).

Our schools offer quality instruction from highly qualified teachers. Students in our schools have demonstrated their learning with high levels of success on statewide measures. Over half of the district’s high school graduates continue their education in college following graduation from high school.

Detailed demographic, performance, and financial information about our school district is available online on the OSPI Washington State Report Card  site.