2019-2020 Yearbook

Due to recent school closures, there have been several changes to yearbook deadlines and dates. Please see below for all the changes.

As of right now, we will still have a 2019-2020 yearbook. However, The release date of the yearbook has been moved to fall of 2020. This means students will be able to pick up their yearbooks at the beginning of next school year. The release date is still TBD.

Even though the high school is closed, you can still purchase a yearbook online at: https://yearbookforever.com/

  • Now through January 31st: $50.00
  • February 1st through February 29th: $55.00
  • March 1st through TBD: $60.00

As of right now, the waitlist date is TBD and will be dependent on any changes that may occurr over the course of the school closure. 

2020 Senior Yearbook Portraits

Senior portraits for the yearbook are due by Friday November 8th. If the Publications Staff do not receive a Senior portrait, we will be using the Senior Bell Studios photo taken on Tuesday, November 5th.

We will accept traditional printed color portraits for the yearbook. However, if you can provide a digital copy on a flash drive or CD, that would be preferred.

The image quality of your photo will appear much higher if a digital copy is provided. There should be no animals, props, hats, chairs, or hands showing in the photo. Outdoor photos are accepted.

Sending photos through email will NOT be accepted.

2020 Senior Baby Ads

Senior Baby Ad Night has been postponed until further notice. If you are interested in purchasing a Baby Ad for your senior, you can get a head start by selecting baby photos for your ad along with writing a short note to your senior. When more information is provided regarding the rest of the school year, a new date will be selected for Senior Baby Ad Night.

There is limited amount of space in the yearbook for Senior Baby Ads. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to highlight your senior!


The Publications Staff is excited to continue publishing the Beavertonian digitally! The WOCOWA staff will, however, continue the tradition of having a printed version of the special Senior Edition Beavertonian. 

Business Ads

If you are a business and interested in advertising in the Beavertonian or the yearbook, please contact the Publications adviser, Rose Ruff. You can find her information below.

Contact Information

Rose Ruff