Replacement Levy: What Is It and How Does it Affect Our Students?

Written By: Erin Madsen

Posted: 03/18/20

On February 11th results were revealed that the Woodland Public Schools (WPS) three-year levy failed to pass by voters with 1,555 voters saying no and 1,248 voters saying yes. Michael Lindsay, a math teacher at Woodland High School, is a homeowner within the Woodland community and he voted for the February 11th levy that failed. He voted for the levy with the belief “that putting money towards youth in Woodland is a good investment.” The current levy expires in April 2020 and since the February 11th levy failed a replacement levy was approved by the board of directors.

The levy is voted on by homeowners within the Woodland community. As a homeowner, Lindsay said he doesn’t “feel that the replacement levy is different than the previous levy.” The replacement levy is not new, the tax rate is still the same as what voters are currently paying. So this year the rate would be $2.37 per $1,000 of assessed property value. Statistics show that by 2022 the rate could go down to $2.36 per $1,000 assessed property value. A common misconception with a levy is that they are meant for buildings which is not the case. Bonds are used for building facilities. The levy covers the gap of the government funds the school needs to run its programs.

Lindsay is also a parent of students who go to the WPS. As both a teacher and a parent Lindsay has a lot that could be at stake for him. From Lindsay himself, he voiced the concern that “I will have less resources as a teacher and my students will have fewer opportunities and resources [as well]. In addition, my own children will have fewer opportunities and resources and as a parent that really hurts. Like any parent, I want my kids to have every opportunity possible. I don't want my kids or students to be at a disadvantage when they are matched up against students from other districts whether it be academically or in extracurricular activities.” 

If the replacement levy fails WPS will have to cut $3,000,000 for educational programs in the year 2020-2021. This means that many programs being run off the money from the levy will either be severely reduced in size or possibly eradicated. Some of these programs and services include arts, music, athletics, extracurricular clubs, the Career Center at Woodland High School, class size reduction programs at the middle and high school, custodians, maintenance and grounds staff, elementary counselors, the Family Community Resource Center, PASS – A program that decreases dropout rates at Woodland High School, school bus transportation, school secretaries, special education programs, advanced placement courses, summer school credit recovery at Woodland High School, teacher and staff training, and teaching improvement specialists. 

Lastly, ballots for the replacement levy will be mailed out to voters on Friday, April 10th. Ballots must be submitted by Tuesday, April 28th. For more information on the levy and frequently asked questions go to https://www.woodlandschools.org/o/district/page/levy-2020.

That's a wrap

Above: The boys' team during halftime at Columbia River during districts

Written By: Aidan Thrall

Posted: 3/12/2020

The Woodland High School boys basketball teams’ historic season came to and end last Saturday February 29th as they fell to Black Hills with a score of 55 to 42. Let’s take a look at what the team did to find their way into the 2A Regionals game. 

At the beginning of the season they were predicted to place last in league by the Columbian Newspaper. They lost two of their star players from last year, Tyler Flanagan and Alex Bishop, and on top of that the Beavers had a new head coach, Jesse Buck. The boys however, had other plans. The team took the Columbian article and hung it up as motivation. “[We wanted to] prove everyone wrong” said Isaac Hall, Senior player on the boys team.

After losing their 7th game in a row by 24 points to Columbia River, most people had given up on them. The team was in a do or die situation for the next two games for a place in Districts, and with their student section behind them, they were ready to battle. They won 55-52, and were onto their next game against Ridgefield where they won 56-52. “After that game we flipped our mindset” said Hall. 

Their next three games would be against Aberdeen, Columbia River, and WF West. All three games were nerve racking and after each of them, the team was met by a moshpit of student section supporters. “My favorite game was beating Columbia River because they were first in our league and they hadn't lost in league for two straight years, and with our student section, it was almost like playing at home” said Trey Hanson, a Senior player on the boys team.

Unfortunately, the team lost their last two games against Tumwater and Black Hills which ended their season. This season will be remembered for years to come.Against all odds, the team came together, made it to Districts for the first time in four years, and placed second. This team is truly inspiring and represents the “Woodland Way” impeccably.

Movies of a new year

Written by: Michaela Henderson

Posted: 2-19-2020

The year of 2019 was quite an extraordinary year for the art of filmmaking. So many currently loved movies were made, and according to Statista, 786 movies were released in 2019. Now that 2020 has arrived, movies are being created left and right. Shown in FirstShowing, over 100 movies are planned to be released this year, many of them from Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal Pictures. There are so many excited and concerned audiences awaiting the arrival of continued series, or a sequel to a popular movie.

As we know, more than 100 movies are going to be released throughout the year 2020. The themed genre of the releasing movies range from romance to absolute horror. According to RottenTomatoes.com, “Parasite (Gisaengchung)” tops all the movies shown for 2020, ranked at 99%. Critics find this movie an excitable, thrilling movie, one of them saying that it is “an imaginative comedy-thriller with darkness at its core.” Another movie, ranked at 90%, is “Weathering with You.” This is an animated film, presenting action, comedy, and romance. Simon Abrams, a top critic, responds positively to the animation saying that “Weathering With You is a perfect entry point for animation fans who are still looking for the next big Pixar or Hayao Miyazaki.”

Some movies, depending on who is watching, are more anticipated than others. “Birds of Prey,” a movie about Harley Quinn in the DC universe, Black Widow from the Marvel Universe, and Fantasy Island are one of the most shown in ads on Youtube and other apps. Many Woodland High School students are excited for these 2020 movies. Francine George (Freshman) and Carleigh Risley (Senior) say that their favorite movie trailer so far is Mulan, they love the original and they’re excited to see this new live-action movie. Kelly Sewer (Senior) says that she is excited for the new “Despicable Me,” Shaina Mobbs (Senior) says she likes the trailer for Fantasy Island; “fricken scary, I love it,” she said. Ethan Pullan (Freshman) is anticipating the new Avengers movie; he’s enjoyed the previous movies, and he’s willing to continue watching this all to the end.

Movies are a way for people to escape the reality of their world; whether the film be a thriller or cheesy romance, it is a way to relax and have fun. The creation of films and tv series have really improved over time, starting from extravagant plays to detailed movies and animations. Our movie companies are really stepping up their game with the quality of our upcoming movies and as an audience, we are very anxious for the results.

WHS Cheer Team

Above: The cheer team celebrating their state qualification

Written by: Kamryn Martin

Posted: 2-19-2020

The Woodland High School’s cheer team has been working very hard to get where they are. They have gone to six competitions and have done an outstanding job at all of them. Each competition there are different judges that gave them different criteria to improve their routine. On January 18th they got a score qualifying them for state. 

The week before they qualified surpassed the benchmark the team put in long, hard hours in order to improve their routine and increase their skills. This includes that they had two-hour practices before cheering for basketball games. The girls on the team were ecstatic to qualify for State. Lexi Caughell, a freshman on the team said was thrilled “that we qualified my freshman year!” Angie Vaughn said her favorite part of this experience was “encouraging each other as a team while we performed and gaining friendships with everyone.” 

The cheer team started the season with two goals: (1) qualify for State, which they did at their fourth competition and (2) hitting all team libs that they managed achieve that closer to the beginning of their season. “I feel super thankful that we were even able to do this at all let alone meet our goals,” Caughell, said. Vaughn stated, “It was too easy for them to meet their goals because they work really hard as a team and all get along well.” After they accomplished those goals they sat down as a team and developed new ones to be reached by the end of the season. One of their goals was to get ticks in their individual stunt groups.“Two-thirds of the teams stunt groups met those goals. If they had a little while longer in the season, all three of their groups could get those new stunts,” Angie said.

We are so proud of the Woodland High School Cheer team for making it to State and successfully placing 4th with their highest score of the season. They worked so hard to change the course of the program at woodland. The girls performed their State routine the week of State at a basketball game during half time and it looked amazing. Genesis Sanders who is a second year cheerleader and Caughell both said, “We were a little nervous but very confident in our routine.” After they performed they were extremely happy with how good they did. Sanders said, “The feeling I had was unexplainable. Knowing how good we did and the fact that it was our seniors last performance filled me with tears.” 

The cheerleaders are excited to keep up their skills for next season by having open gyms once a week. Next season they plan to expand their team from small non-tumbling to small tumbling team. They hope to compete at state again and place higher than this year.

Dancing to the top

Above: The dance team holding their competition trophy 

Written by: Lexi Caughell 

Posted: 2-19-2020

The dance team has accomplished so much this year, from improving their own skills and their teams dynamic, to qualifying for state, which can be difficult to reach, along with placing. The dance team has been putting in long hard hours to reach their goals. They are practicing two and a half hours, five days a week to really lock-in their routines, and make sure they are always giving 100%.

 The goals they set for themselves aren’t always easy to reach,  “One of our ongoing goals is getting everyone in sync and on the same page. That can be pretty hard depending on what we are working on,” said Brook Leach, A junior who has been on the dance team since her freshman year. Their biggest goal is to go to State and place high, but they also set weekly goals such as, perfecting certain parts of their routine. The dance team competes in two different divisions, hip hop, and pom, but typically do better in hip hop. Once they get to the competitions, they have a five minute warm-up per routine, then they perform.

However, this season has not been perfect. The dance team has experienced many setbacks, the biggest being not able to practice in front of the mirrors. Along with not being able to use the mirrors, “a lot of girls are getting injured and can’t practice, or they miss practice which makes it hard to get the routine looking good,” said Leach. They also have a smaller team compared to last year, and since there is a new captain, things are run differently. Despite all of this, the dance team has been able to excel at all of their competitions, doing well at regionals and placing at almost all of their competitions. They have three more competitions in total, two more regular season competitions and districts, and if they qualify for state, it will be held March 28th.

Taking regional conference by storm

Above: The FBLA team after Winter Conference

Written by: Erin Madsen

Posted: 2-19-2020 

This year marks Woodland High School’s (WHS) fifth year hosting the Future Business Leaders of America’s (FBLA) Regional Conference. The conference has been held at WHS since the opening of the new building due to the amount of space WHS has. At Regionals there were approximately 250 students registered for the event from 16 different schools such as Adna High School, Castle Rock High School, Heritage High School, Hockinson High School, Ilwaco High School, La Center High School, Mark Morris High School, Morton Junior-Senior High, Mountain View High School, Onalaska High School, Pe Ell High School, Robert A. Long High School, Toutle Lake High School, Union High School, Winlock High School, and Woodland High School.

Ten students from Woodland will be going on to the State Conference in Spokane Washington on April 8th through to the 11th. First place in Entrepreneurship went to the team of Aaron Shaw, Dillon McGhee, and Aidan Byrnes. Third place in Entrepreneurship went to Maja Sonesson and Jaime Vasquez. First place in Introduction to FBLA went to Lucas Somer. In Sales Presentation third place went to McGhee and fourth place went to Shaw. Caitlyn Daniels got second place in Public Speaking and Sonesson and Shaw took second in Marketing together. In Introduction to Business Presentations Mark Taylor took sixth place. Tyler Ford and Jose Baca got fourth in Broadcast Journalism and Shaw took sixth in Business Calculations.

This event was a good one all around. From Jose Baca, a returning FBLA member and senior at WHS, his favorite moment was “Finding out I placed for State.” He went on to talk about all the friends he's made and met at this event and how he’s sad this will be his last year getting to participate in a club that’s brought him some amazing friendships. Rose Ruff, the advisor of WHS FBLA club, said: “Closing session was my favorite moment, mainly because our students did such a great job representing Woodland High School by placing in the top 6 for so many events.”  

After these students compete at State they will find out if they get to move on to nationals which will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah from June 29th to July 2nd.

It’s about more than the wins

Above: The boys basketball team breaking from a huddle 

Written by: Carleigh Risley

Posted: 02-18-2020

Boys basketball always plays through the wins and losses, but they do it as a team. They value comradery over the wins and are focused on building a strong team. With the end of the season coming to a close, the seniors on the team are trying to make sure the program continues to get stronger once they leave.     

The team played Hockinson on Friday, February 7. Woodland played an intense game the entire way to a 55-52 win. This was the last home game of the season as well as senior night for five of our players. The seniors this year are Kyle Oliver, Isaac Hall, Isaiah Flanagan, Trace Logan and Trey Hanson. Senior night is always a bittersweet moment for everyone, it’s the last home game you will ever play in that sport. “[The] student section was amazing and everyone on the team knew we could and would win, the atmosphere was unforgettable,” said Trey Hanson. The entire crowd was rowdy and there was never a quiet moment in the crowd. 

With this being the last home game of the season, the boys will be dearly missed. With every team there are always positives mixed in with the negatives. For example, “Team chemistry [and] the growth of some of our younger players,” said Isaac Hall. Along with positives comes advice to next year's team as well. Hanson said, “Trust coach, trust each other and have fun because it is over in a blink.” Trust in a coach is important to the outcome of the team. Every team goes through the wins and the losses, but you always do it as a team. “Wins are easy. In the midst of the losses, we reflect on the fact that basketball is more than wins. The relationships built are so much more valuable in the end,” said Hall. Staying together as a team no matter what is always the most important thing to remember. 

Boys basketball went through ups and downs this year, but they always seemed to come out stronger in the end. The team is stronger than when the season started, but the program will only get better as the years go on.

A night to remember

Written by: Francine George

Posted: 02-18-2020

The Father Daughter Ball is an event run by Grace Community Church (Grace) held every February at Woodland High School, with Deb Kitchen being the main coordinator of the event. This year the event is being held on February 29th at different two times, 3 pm to 5 pm and 7 pm to 9 pm. Tickets can be purchased at Hi School Pharmacy for the cost of $5 per person and are time specific.

Just like Woodland, the Father Daughter Ball has a great history. The event has been happening every year since February of 2005. The ball started as a community service project by a study group studying “Rick Warren's 40 Days of Purpose Bible Study'' at Grace. “At the end of the study, it asks each group to do a community service project and a couple in our group came up with the idea of doing a Father/Daughter Ball," Kitchen informed. Now that the idea was born, the group talked to the pastor, he approved the idea and set it into motion. The first theme was Valentine’s Day in order to get cheap decorations for the rushed planning and first ball. The very first ball was a huge success with 300 attendees.

Grace makes no money running the event. All money goes towards the ball, Grace even puts more money into the ball then they receive. At least 60 volunteers help set up for the ball. These volunteers consist of, church members, Boy Scouts and high school students needing volunteer hours. It’s a large project that is planned months in advance. Grace hands out take home projects to be completed and brought back as decorations for the ball. These decorations are always reused for future events.

So many wonderful set up ideas are in the works to make the night magical. “Plans in the works are for a red carpet entry, giant rotating outdoor spotlights (weather permitting) and many authentic antiques/Roaring 20's Vintage Hollywood decorations. We also have donations of an actual working Victrola record player and a Tall am radio that will double as stage decorations and door prizes that guests may enter to win,” Kitchen said. Many more decor ideas are planned but to keep the magic alive, you'll have to attend the event to see the surprise decor. The night will be spectacular, if you already have tickets and are able to go, then you’ll definitely have a great time.

At the ball there aren't just father’s or father figures dancing with their daughters, Grace also provides some fun bonuses, some being photo stations set up around the venue to give opportunities to capture cool photos. A local professional photographer, Mike Schultz, comes in providing a beautiful background, and some great picture options. He even provides a low cost picture option for families to make it more affordable. All in the hopes of capturing some beautiful moments between some father or father figures and their girl(s). Food is also provided throughout the time at the ball with tables to sit down at. Grace purchases soda, water, cookies and other small, hand eatable pastries, chips, popcorn and veggies. All food is included with the price of the ticket. Raffle prizes are donated by 40 businesses in the community and given away at each ball, giving dads and daughters time to get something fun. Door prizes are given away to each daughter as they exit the ball at the end of the night. Each girl will get a set of pearls this year as their keepsake, making the night even more special. 

If you have the time, go to Hi School Pharmacy and buy tickets to go with your special dad or daughter in your life. It’ll be a night to remember for all who attend.

Exploring your future

Above: Junior Camila Avelar learning how to tie a tourniquet

Written by: Michaela Henderson

Posted: 12-02-2019

Students everywhere are normally asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up? What are your plans for the future?” and they usually answer with one of three questions:

“I’m going to be…”

“I’m planning on being…”

“I really don’t know what I want to be…”

No matter what answer they give, it is best for their future that they understand how the jobs they want to do, or are interested in, function. This is where Career Choices, an important class managed by Rose Ruff, comes in. This class focuses on helping students explore career opportunities that they have or haven’t thought of looking into as their future profession. Ruff says that they focus on employment skills such as “professionalism, resumes, interviews, networking, problem solving and critical thinking.”

Carleigh Risley, a senior at Woodland High School (WHS), informed that her class “did a project over a healthcare profession” and “just recently finished a project on a profession in the business field.” At the end of the year, students within Ruff’s class will need to complete a career portfolio. Ruff says that it “will consist of their resume, letters of recommendation, career research reports, and other documents that [the students] complete throughout the semester.”

From time to time, guests from their own businesses have visited Career Choices to talk about their profession. This will continue throughout the semester. These professionals will answer the students’ questions and give insight on how they became so successful in their career. Rena Chayanam is a health care professional. She spoke about her life experiences and what her life was like as a child. Chayanam talked about what made her want to be in the health care department as a labor/delivery nurse. The requirements of becoming a nurse is to become an RN (registered nurse), gain the BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), obtain a Nursing license for whatever state she’d work in, and take an in depth, 300 question exam. The more work experience she’d have, the farther she would go in her career, including  pay, work type, and status.

Tadd Miller works in the business field, as an entrepreneur with his business partner, Edgar. They both work at their company called Rookie Rise, an apparel business. He talked about what it took to make him realize that he wanted his own business, and how much determination he needed to get him to where he wanted to be. When Miller first started his company, he had trouble selling his merchandise. Many people would start off saying that they would love to buy it, but change their mind last minute. He dealt with many obstacles. However, he said that he kept pursuing his dream. Miller told the students in Career Choices that he loves art, drawing, animations, and other creative things, which advanced into creating his own design for Rookie Rise. He explained that the crown stood for being loyal to your dreams, glasses for vision and staying focused, and headphones represented the idea of blocking out negativity. With that awesome design and the merchandise he’s creating for the public, the popularity eventually boomed. Many professional people like Lil Dicky, professional athletes, and many fans wear his merchandise and shirts. With all that hard work he put into his company, he has become very successful in life.

When it comes to field trips, Ruff plans on taking her students and to cool events and places in the future. Andrew Duran, a junior at WHS, says that there hasn’t been too much talk about these plans, but it will happen eventually.

How students perceive their class is very important on how they develop and plan for their future. Both Risley and Duran agree that this class is quite enjoyable with few struggles. Risley states that other than presenting in front of an audience, she enjoys researching different careers and how they would suit her as an individual. She also says that this class will “properly prepare [her] for an interview process and what to expect.” Duran struggles with the extra work at times and can fall behind every so often, however he really enjoys learning how to be professional in a job. He believes that Career Choices will help him stay professional and prepared for a career in the outside world.

A Star in the School

Above: Senior Jose Gonzalez holding up all the boxing belts he has won

Written by: Shaina Mobbs

Posted: 10-29-2019

When everyone is little they have a dream of what they want to be when they grow up. It could be a firefighter, a princess, or even a teacher. For Jose Gonzalez his dream was to become a world champion boxer. When interview he told his story and it was inspiring. 

“I’ve been doing boxing for about eight or nine years.”said Gonzalez.“I was with my dad, we were in the living room we were watching a boxing fight. I told him ‘I could do that’ and I remember he didn’t believe me. So, he pulled me out and we went to a gym. I remember I just started boxing there right away, like put on the gloves with a random kid.” Just like a little kid would, he pointed and expressed what he thought he could do and life challenged him to it. He got the opportunity to see if he could make his dream become a reality.

Staying motivated even when you lose is difficult. For Gonzalez he spills the truth on how he stays motivated even on the toughest losses.“ It has to be my first loss. It was, I think, 10-0 and it was with some random kid. I think he was coming down from Seattle. I was for sure supposed to win but I guess [prediction] was wrong. When I lose, oh gosh, I really can’t keep myself motivated. It’s really my family [that keeps me going], but mainly my dad. He is my biggest supporter. He tells me I’ll get the next one and you can’t win them all. 

Everyone looks up to someone whether it be our mom, dad, or even a star we see all over the TV. [Who] “I look up to is some guy he is not from the United States his name is Visala Machinco. He is currently a two time gold medalist and he has over 360 amateur fights that he has won and only has one loss. I hope to do this as a career, I mean I’m trying to that’s what I have been training for in the past years. Then I won’t have to work i can just make this training my everyday” Gonzalez said laughing.

“Everyday I practice, so Monday through Sunday, usually I train for about two hours and sometimes two and a half if I decide to put in the extra work. I go to school then after school I go straight to boxing . The gym I go to is called Team Estrada and it is all the way in Hillsboro, Oregon. From boxing I just come back home and sleep. For me homework has to be done in school, if it doesn’t get done in school I won’t exercise, meaning no training. This rarely happens.” Gonzalez is a dedicated student and athlete. He has a very busy schedule everyday, but you can see the love and passion he has for this sport. 

The school wishes Jose Gonzalez good luck on his endeavors to be the best. For the 9 belt winner to get to the top will be a journey. With his family supporting him and his dad sticking by his side he should succeed. Best of luck to Gonzalez in the world of boxing against some of the toughest athletes from around the globe. We will be cheering for you!

What is shop about?

Written by: Trenton Femling

Posted: 10-29-2019

Before Wayne Miller became a teacher, he was a foreman/service manager at a repair shop. He was in charge of fleet vehicles, maintenance and repair. He also held a position as a crew chief working on engines, and hydraulics mechanic’s on F-15's in the Air Force until he got injured in a motorcycle accident. Miller wanted to get younger people interested in mechanics, so he started taking classes to become a teacher at Woodland High School.

A requirement for Miller's class is a willingness to learn and not just sit and mess around. In his automotive class, Miller will assign students to take apart and rebuild an engine, 12 volt wiring, brakes, tires, oil changes, troubleshooting running problems, vehicle inspection, and general maintenance. As a student in this class, you are using your eyes, ears, and hands to find and fix mechanical problems. The most challenging part is remembering what the parts are called and how to reassemble projects that take days or weeks to fix. Miller thinks that if he assigned his students to rebuild an engine they would and could do it with his guidance. Students will learn something new everyday in this class. It could be how they handle being around an unhappy student, troubleshooting a car problem, or doing anything mechanical, or learning how to find and order parts. 

Christian Nault, a freshman, likes the fact that he is able to take apart motors and work on vehicles in the shop. During shop Nault gets to work on different vehicles and he says he likes to work on them because he gets to use his hands and learn from working on them. He feels that learning about working on a motor is really interesting, and if he had to choose between two different classes, would choose automotive shop. So far Nault has not built anything in class, but he is currently working on a 390 Ford motor. He is also learning how to take apart and build the motor and he is improving his skills for working on it. 

Cole Johnson, a junior, enjoys being a student in shop because he gets to use his hands and be creative. He thinks Miller makes really crazy builds and he thinks they are interesting. Some things that Johnson has built are hammers, motors, and he has fixed lawnmowers.

During shop you can do many things that are fun and entertaining. You can build projects that deal with different vehicles, welding, and brazing. If any of this interests you, you should definitely think about signing up for one of Miller's classes.

The Kart

Written by: Chris Naranjo

Posted: 10-29-2019

Crrrrack! That's the sound of a green shell hitting your kart causing you to spin out. Many other racers speed past you as you finally straighten out. Sadly, you just went from 1st place to 8th place. That’s the fun in the popular game known as Mario Kart. 

Just recently another variant of Mario Kart was released for mobile devices. It’s known as Mario Kart Tour. It's free to play action racing game that already is ranked #1 in the racing game category on iOS. It nearly has a perfect rating with a very high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The game has been out since September 25th, 2019. That shows that it is a very popular game for being so new and already ranked #1. One student, Emily Cruz, said her first thoughts on the game were that “It's a really good game and I enjoy playing it in my free time.” The game itself had so much hype around it even before it was released. Many people were talking about it months before. But did it live up to all the hype? One student, Jaydee Fosmark, said “the hype was true because now you don't need to bring your portable consoles to play Mario Kart with the homies. Instead you can just pull out your phone and play more mobile.”

Mario Kart also keeps players entertained by frequently adding new content. Every two weeks the tour itself changes which gives you new cups, new characters, new gliders and new cars. It gives players something new to work for every time the tour changes. When the cups change, it randomly selects a different cup in the tour and then racers have to compete to get the highest scores. Players with the highest scores will move further up on the leaderboards. The higher you are on the leaderboards when the 1 week time period is up, the more rewards you get. Some people might think “Oh the game will get boring after awhile.” But with all the new content that keeps coming, it should keep players entertained. Evan Lix is an avid player and he says that “it is still the best mobile game.” “It's great because it keeps releasing new content to keep things fresh.” They also added a cool way to keep players interested and that is through the pipe system. The pipe system is a way to get new characters, new carts and new gliders at random. You have to spend five rubies to open a pipe and you have a chance to get new items with different ratings. The ratings of the items range from common to high-end. Since the chance of getting a high-end item is so slim, when you do finally see that prisma colored item appear, it makes you feel accomplished. 

All in all, Mario Kart Tour is a great free mobile game for anyone who has some time on their hands. It can keep you entertained for any amount of time. It also can be played leisurely or it can be played competitive. It all depends on how you want to play it. So, go out and download Mario Kart Tour.

Showing creativity through self portraits

Written by: Michaela Henderson

Posted: 10-22-2019

There have been a few changes to our staff this year, like new hires and retired staff. The most interesting change is our well known art teacher, Michael Smith, went on hiatus for a year. The district then hired Maliah Cooper as a substitute art teacher for the year.

Cooper’s favorite subjects to teach within art are Drawing and Ceramics, mainly focusing on two-point perspectives and industrial design/geometry. She mentions that the students really enjoy learning how to use new tools in Ceramics, and a few have been very diligent in doing well with the creation of their pieces. Cooper noticed that her underclassmen didn’t like some parts of their Ceramics class and charcoal assignments, and, “they’ll enjoy the two-point perspective drawing [because] it’s more precise.” 

The most outstanding pieces that Cooper has received from her students were self-portraits.

The above image is a self-portrait of senior, Kacy Schreiner. The assignment required her to use is “basic line”, which is an art style that uses basic shapes and lines of an object, or face in this case. It took about two weeks for Schreiner to complete her drawing, and she’s actually quite impressed with what she was able to accomplish. Schreiner said that she and her peers did not have a choice on who they were to draw, but she didn’t mind. 

Schreiner really enjoyed this art project, and she would use the art style again, but not for a portrait. She said that her favorite art style is freestyle, and her favorite subject in class was the charcoal project.

Good attitudes lead to successful season

Above: Nicole Guthrie setting he ball for Lucy George

Written by: Francine George

Posted: 10-22-2019

Volleyball has gone pretty well this season. Games are being won, the team’s attitude is pretty good and people are having tons of fun! The volleyball season ends on November fourth, less than a month away. 

During practices, games and just interactions with the teams, drama can occur. Josephine Huntsinger from C-team acknowledged the drama saying, “There is going to be conflict with a group of girls playing as a team but they’re pretty good at apologizing when they did something wrong, so it’s okay.” Even the varsity team can have troubles but from Kennedy Huesties, a varsity player’s perspective, her team is, “Really positive. We have like no drama with each other, kind’ve like a little tiny family.” But drama doesn’t rule the practices and the team plays have gone amazingly. Huntsinger mentioned that the team is improving a lot as the season goes on. Huesties also believes that the season is going great and everyone is working through struggles as a team to win more games. Setters even put in some extra work on homecoming night. For about two hours, some of the setters from all teams, showed up to an optional practice to work on skills and techniques. There was a lot of great improvements and their attitudes were positive.

Games have been going pretty good for all three teams. “I’m having a blast. Even if we lose at the end of the day we are still happy with each other and ready to work on stuff the next day,” Huesties commented. Huntsinger has also been enjoying the season and is most excited for the home game on Halloween. C-team played one of their best games this season on Thursday,October 10 vs. Ridgefield and lost their game on Tuesday,October 8 vs. Hockinson. Varsity won on Tuesday,October 8 vs. Hockinson, but lost on Thursday,October 10 vs. Ridgefield and Junior Varsity (JV) won on Tuesday,October 8 vs. Hockinson but lost on Thursday,October 10 vs. Ridgefield. The last October home game is October 31st and the one home game not mentioned was on October 14th vs. RA Long. 

Everyone should come and support our volleyball teams if available to. All the teams have worked hard to play the best that they can, and they deserve support from fellow students. Hopefully the Lady Beavs will play well, play hard and have amazing positive attitudes for the rest of the season. Good Luck Lady Beavs!

Cross country isn't easy, but the comradery is worth it

Above: From left to right: Judeah Sanders, Jesse Thrall, Parker Owen and Jordan Lamoreaux

Written by: Erin Madsen

Posted: 10-14-2019

Within the first three meets of the cross-country season there has been some amazing moments. Their first meet was at Ultimook, an invitational. This meet tends to be athletes’ favorite race and start to the season because not only is there a mud pit but a river the athletes get to run through. The second race of the season was the jamboree in La Center totaling a distance of 1.5 miles. It’s a short race that most runners enjoy. At this race the top three girls to finish where Kayley Autrey in 11:44.6 then Lauren Kaiser in 11:48.1 and Ashley Burney in 11:50.5. The top three boys where Jackson Finn in 8:32.4 then Parker Owen in 8:37.7 and Judeah Sanders in 8:53.3. The third race was the 2A Greater Saint Helens League meet at Ridgefield. This course was challenging for most athletes due to a very steep and windy hill that is a part of the trail. Yet this course has quite a scenic view that is enjoyable for spectators and runners alike. 

One of the most noticeable changes this season is the number of runners. This year there is a total of 46 students on the cross-country team. 11 girls and 35 boys. Last season there were 45 members yet many didn’t race or quit early on in the season making the total standings for the team by the end of the year much less accurate. Just to give a little background on how scoring works, for anyone out there who doesn't know much about cross country, is that the lower your score the better, just like in golf. Comparing some of Woodlands standing from last year at the jamboree in La Center according to hypothetical scores the girls team scored 79 points in 3rd place. The difference between Woodland and the first-place team, La Center, was 54 points. This year Woodland was in 5th place with 126 points with a difference of 96 points against La Center, the first-place team. The reason this number increases so much is due to the fact that this year there are more people running, especially new runners. So many of them are on the slower end making scores larger because whatever place a runner ends in is how many points the overall team gets. 

An upcoming race that both coaches and athletes are excited for is the Bill Kehoe South Sound Invite on Saturday, October 12th at St. Martin’s University in Washington. The reason why all members of the team are so excited is because on Saturday September 25th the whole team got together to do an in-depth team bonding and goal setting session. At this meeting the girls and boys split up to not only write goals for the rest of this season but also goal times for the invite on October 12th. 

Now onto what’s expected of multi sport athletes and it all comes down to post race care. In an interview with Devon Fliss, the assistant coach, she was asked “How are you helping your athletes recover especially multi-sport athletes?” Her response was short and to the point, since athletes aren’t asked to do difficult tasks after a race. “They’re expected to go on an easy cool down jog, do some stretches, roll out tense muscles and then ice the sore spots.” These races can be quite stressful for many runners so some things the coaches say or do is to remind the runners of their pace while they’re out on the course, try to stick with a group whether it be a fellow teammate or a competitor you want to beat. The most important thing for these runners is to remember to breathe. One wrong move and you can roll your ankle, get a side ache, feel shin splints or at the worst have an asthma attack. That’s why the coaches are there to remind the athletes not to stress or fret.

Many people wonder why run? For most people they hate running because it never feels good to run long distances. So why do people come back year after year and why do others even decide to run in the first place? Some returning members like Rachel Tracey state” I love the family the team has created and I love to run, it makes you feel free and strong.” or like Senior Parker Owen who does it “To get in shape for my other sports and it’s fun.” Then you get a response from Lauren Kaiser, a senior who says” I like to run, my family influenced me. You get to see the best in people when you do cross country.” This statement shows that cross country isn’t quite like other sports. When you get to see the team in action you see how caring not only the coaches are towards their athletes but how supportive each member is of each other and to competitors alike.

The year of 2019 was quite an extraordinary year for the art of filmmaking. So many currently loved movies were made, and according to Statista, 786 movies were released in 2019. Now that 2020 has arrived, movies are being created left and right. Shown in FirstShowing, over 100 movies are planned to be released this year, many of them from Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal Pictures. There are so many excited and concerned audiences awaiting the arrival of continued series, or a sequel to a popular movie.

As we know, more than 100 movies are going to be released throughout the year 2020. The themed genre of the releasing movies range from romance to absolute horror. According to RottenTomatoes.com, “Parasite (Gisaengchung)” tops all the movies shown for 2020, ranked at 99%. Critics find this movie an excitable, thrilling movie, one of them saying that it is “an imaginative comedy-thriller with darkness at its core.” Another movie, ranked at 90%, is “Weathering with You.” This is an animated film, presenting action, comedy, and romance. Simon Abrams, a top critic, responds positively to the animation saying that “Weathering With You is a perfect entry point for animation fans who are still looking for the next big Pixar or Hayao Miyazaki.”

Some movies, depending on who is watching, are more anticipated than others. “Birds of Prey,” a movie about Harley Quinn in the DC universe, Black Widow from the Marvel Universe, and Fantasy Island are one of the most shown in ads on Youtube and other apps. Many Woodland High School students are excited for these 2020 movies. Francine George (Freshman) and Carleigh Risley (Senior) say that their favorite movie trailer so far is Mulan, they love the original and they’re excited to see this new live-action movie. Kelly Sewer (Senior) says that she is excited for the new “Despicable Me,” Shaina Mobbs (Senior) says she likes the trailer for Fantasy Island; “fricken scary, I love it,” she said. Ethan Pullan (Freshman) is anticipating the new Avengers movie; he’s enjoyed the previous movies, and he’s willing to continue watching this all to the end.

Movies are a way for people to escape the reality of their world; whether the film be a thriller or cheesy romance, it is a way to relax and have fun. The creation of films and tv series have really improved over time, starting from extravagant plays to detailed movies and animations. Our movie companies are really stepping up their game with the quality of our upcoming movies and as an audience, we are very anxious for the results.

Male Spotlight Athlete

Isaiah Flanagan

Above: Junior Isaiah Flanagan shooting a three during a game vs Kalama.

By: McKaden Woodward

Monday, March 18, 2019

The boys basketball team had a good season this year ending with an 8-12 record. The team dealt with some issues, but overall ended up having a big last game with a 78-75 win over Hockinson. Isaiah Flanagan followed right behind the point leader with 22 points. For Flanagan, big numbers isn’t a new thing. He had a total of 150 points in only 12 games. Within those 12 games, he averaged 12.5 points per game which is the highest on the roster.

Flanagan has been a leader on the team for a couple years now as he was a swinger his freshman year, then became a starter for his sophomore and junior years. Coming into the season, he was happy to have a good young team with a ton of potential. The team only had four seniors, the rest being juniors or younger. Flanagan believes the team's best attribute was their energy while practicing and while on the court.

While playing this season, Flanagan suffered a back injury that cos him five games of the season. Regardless, he thinks that the injury gave newer team members more opportunities to play. It allowed for the people on the bench to get more playing time and allowed Sophomore Jackson Finn to eventually gain a starting position as a guard.

The best way for the team to improve for next year is to gain confidence and play like how they know they’re able to. Some advice Flanagan has for any up and coming athletes wanting to get on varsity, or get more playing time on varsity, is to work hard and put in a little more time each day, often as you can. As little as half an hour a day working on things that you struggle with can greatly improve your skills coming into the next year.

Not only is Isaiah a great basketball player, but he’s also a great student. Isaiah is attending Running Start and currently has above a 3.5 GPA. He is a hardworking kid and is putting in work in sports, school, and in his home. Flanagan enjoys hanging out with his family and is very involved in church. 

Female Spotlight Athlete

Kaily Christensen

Above: Junior Kaily Christensen breaking through one of Kelso's defenders. (Photographed by: Christine Christensen)

By: Ruth Saldana

Monday, March 18, 2019

This month’s female spotlight athlete is Kaily Christensen. Christensen is a junior that plays on the varsity basketball team. Christensen is an outstanding basketball player who attends Clark College full time while still making time to play the sport she loves. She’s been playing since she was a little girl and has loved every second of it When she isn't playing or practicing basketball, she loves to hangout with her friends and family. On her spare time she likes to play cards, eat food, drive around with friends and listen to music.

Christensen always wants her team to be highlighted because without them, she wouldn’t be able to play basketball. She wants to thank everyone that supports her and her team because “they make the atmosphere cool.” One thing her and her team made sure to do this season is play as a team and for each other, always giving their all the entire game. Christensen says when things get hard during a game, she remembers why she is playing and thinks about what she can do to help her team be more successful.

Even though the girl’s basketball team had their setbacks, Christensen feels that they really accomplished many great things this season. Ridgefield was one of the toughest teams to beat in her opinion because Woodland lost the first time they played making them the team to beat the second time. Her team has a lot of hustle, there are always people diving on the ground and they all always give everything they’ve got. The team also always bounces back from every sickness and injury that occurred, for her senior year, Christensen’s goal for her team is included, to play their hearts out every time they’re able to be on the court. Also make sure to watch out for Christensen this softball season.

Competition Cheerleading Season Wrap-Up

Above: The team starting out their performance strong & fierce!

By: Hannah Landrigan

Monday, March 13, 2019

If you didn’t already know, our Woodland High School cheerleaders participate in two different seasons: Football (Fall) and Basketball (Winter). During the basketball season, the team not only cheers at all home games for boys and girls, but also prepares and competes a routine that is constantly changing. This year was a bit crazier than normal, the program as a whole completely started over with a new coach who took on both seasons- a task not easy for most. Rose Ruff, who is also the business teacher at the high school, was hired late in the spring of last year. Immediately after being invited to hold not only the competition coaching position, but also the football squad coaching, she had to hold tryouts for her 2018-2019 cheer team. The season, although rough at times, was a building year and only strengthened the program further.

Ironically enough, as told by the cheerleaders themselves, almost all of the highs included the girls being in close quarters for long periods of times. Always coming out on top for “favorite memories” included the van rides to competitions, cheer camp at University of Oregon, and fun basketball games like Senior Night. Senior Night was particularly special this year as Ruff bought each senior a sash to wear while cheering and a bow that had a little grad cap on it! The girls also performed a special Senior Night halftime routine in which they flew almost all of the seniors (who generally base). But no matter how great a season goes, there are always hard times. The girls this season battled team cohesion and attitudes, a challenge not unique to only this team. Through the constant support of their coach and the leadership of the team’s returners, they fought through the issues and came out as a stronger program.

Something adults will tell you time and time again is that sports in high school aren’t about the game, they’re about the lessons you learn that you take with you into life. When reflecting on the season, some of the seniors on the team shared what they will take into life with them with the common theme being teamwork. Senior Frances Helling shared that, “Something that I learned from this experience was when you all put in work together as a team you can accomplish some pretty good things.” Senior Hannah Landrigan shared that she learned “how to work with people that you may not normally get along with, cooperation.” Kylie Berghaus learned how to “push through and work with changes, how to be adaptable.”

Cheerleading is a sport that typically earns a lot of “looking down” upon and criticism. People don’t genuinely understand the amount of work that goes into the sport and that competition cheer truly is just that, a sport. From throwing girls into the air without hurting anyone, to the conditioning you must do in order to perform a high-intensity routine to perfection, to constantly relying on your teammates and have a level of trust you’ve never experienced, it’s a sport unlike any other. Helling shared that she wished people knew ”how much hard work and preparation went into each performance. We have long practices that consist of throwing people in the air. It’s not all bows and pom-poms.”

The team is only going up from here! The girls are looking forward to next year already and are taking what they learned from this season to help next season be even better. They hope for the program to grow and be respected in the coming years, and with all of the work they put in, they deserve it!

"Under the Radar" Clubs

The Me to We club members.

Above: The Me to We club members.

By: Aidan Thrall 

Friday, March 8, 2018

Woodland High School has many clubs to offer some of which aren’t very well known. Three of the “under the radar clubs” are Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Spikeball Club, and Me to We.

President Josiah Morales shared some facts about FCA.

“If you would like to join the FCA just simply walk into one of their meetings during lunch. Their only rule is that if you come for the food, you have to stay for the rest of lunch. The goal of FCA is to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes and to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and his church. Our relationships will demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word through Integrity, Serving, Teamwork, and Excellence.”

Brooks Massey, the president of the Spike ball Club shared that,

“The spike ball Club has been put on hold for a while until all sports are over, but when spring sports are over then we will have meetings every Tuesday in the Aux Gym, where we just play Spike Ball. Spike ball is a very good way to stay active, it can be played at many different levels and intensities, making it a game for everyone.”

Ashlyn Daugherty, the President of Me to We said,

“This club Hosts a community service event once a month to give back to the Woodland community. They have meetings in Wayne Miller's room every Tuesday during lunch. Unfortunately, we will not be hosting the talent show this year due to the outcome of last year’s production.”

Challenge Day 2019

Above: Three of the Teen Leaders from this year's Challenge Day. From left to right: Sophomore Jason Bowman, Sophomore Camila Avelar and Senior Hannah Landrigan.

By: Hannah Landrigan

Friday, March 8, 2019

Challenge Day returned to Woodland High School this year and was again lead by Roana Cooper and Dorias Brannon. The staff nomination 150 students were nominated by staff to participate this year and almost all of the seats were filled when the day arrived. This event is an invitation to be apart of something big, something that will permanently alter your view of your classmates that you thought you knew. The goal of Challenge Day is to teach you to not judge people for what you think you know but to actually “drop the waterline” and “get real” with your classmates on a day to day basis.

The students were greeted into the gym with a tunnel of the staff volunteers and teen leaders (students who participated in Challenge Day last year). The event started with some warm-up games and activities to get the group more comfortable and get them into the spirit of Challenge Day. Throughout the day the students and staff were separated into “small family groups,” a group of four-to-five students and one teacher that would talk and connect throughout the day. Two of the most impactful activities that happened throughout the day allowed students to open up were the “If you really knew me you would know…” small family conversation and the “cross the line” exercise. The small family talk allowed students and staff to get real about what it’s like to wake up in their shoes, tell about their struggles, and get to know each other better. The “cross the line” activity was created to make students and staff more knowledgeable about oppression of certain people or groups in their own school while also getting to know more about what students have gone through. When Cooper read a statement that related to you, you stepped across a blue tape line and faced the rest of your classmates. Not only was this powerful for the students who didn’t cross to see what others have gone through, but it strengthened people who did cross to know that they aren’t alone in what they’re going through. “Cross the line” was the most emotional part of the day for most as you saw your classmates as who they truly were and what they had gone through.

Anyone who was lucky enough to be apart of this day all says the same thing, that they are thankful to have participated and now walk these halls different. If students were to take anything from Challenge Day, it is to treat others with respect and kindness, as you rarely know what people are truly experiencing behind the scenes. 

Boys Basketball Season Recap

Sophomores Jackson Finn, Easton Ortega and Senior Jack Wear cheering on their teammates.

Alex Bishop

Friday, March 8, 2019

Although the team ended the season 8-12, this record was not an accurate representation of the team's hard work and dedication. All season long the seniors led the way for the team. Tyler Flanagan averaged a respectable 11 points per game and alongside him Kyle Groce averaged two points per game. The team never gave up through all of the tough games they lost this year. The Flanagan boys ended the season with a bang taking down Hockinson with their combined 50 points.

Big goals have already been set for the upcoming 2019-2020 season with the teams leading scorer Isaiah Flanagan and several others returning. Senior Tyler Flanagan, started for the basketball program all four years of his high school career. He stated some of his most memorable moments one of which being his huge game against Ridgefield at home where he put up an impressive 24 points leading the team to the big league win. When asked about his biggest achievement, and he was proud to share the fact that he had the amazing opportunity to be a team leader for the past four years, not only on the court but off the court as well.

We also had the opportunity to interview a coach who was new to the program this year, Kevin Wilbur. Wilbur shared that he was very proud of himself and the team after he was able to coach in his first varsity game against Ridgefield at home and came away with the big win. When we asked him for some advice to incoming players he couldn’t stress enough that he wants players to play without fear and most importantly he told us “at the end of the day, it is just a game and we want everyone to have fun.” This team had it’s back against the wall all season long and persevered. They never let their heads down, worked hard every single day, and kept positive attitudes through all of the lost games and that’s what made the 2018-2019 Woodland basketball season one to remember.

Not only will there be a different personnel on the court but there will also be a change made to the coaching staff this upcoming season. The previous coach Andrew Johnson and the boys basketball team will be parting ways after three seasons which is certainly not due to a shortage of effort. Several are excited for the opportunity to be apart of the program the upcoming season and have already applied. The future looks extremely bright for this program.

WHS Tea: Advisory

Hanna Moore

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It is my fourth year at Woodland High School and right now, advisory seems to be the talk of the school. My freshman and sophomore year advisory was right before lunch. It worked well before lunch for students who had “rewards”. Rewards was for students who had a certain grade point average and meet attendance requirements, so every Friday they would get to skip advisory and have an extra-long lunch as a “reward” for doing well in school. That remained the same until my junior year, the administration moved it to after 6th period due to students skipping advisory with their friends, even if they didn’t have rewards. I’m now in my senior year here, and advisory has been changed once again to after second period due to students skipping advisory to leave school early. The school board decided to move advisory to after 2nd period to avoid students getting a long lunch, leaving school early, or students who have late start getting to sleep in through advisory too.

Over the course of a week, I interviewed Stacy Gould in special education aid, and our principal Mr. Shoup on their opinion on the change of advisory. I asked them each six questions, some being the pros and cons of switching the time, and how the students who attend Clark College, LCC and, Cascadia Tech are affected by this. Gould is for and against the advisory change. She feels it would be more convenient between fourth and fifth period but also likes the idea of having it after second period so less students will skip to go home early. Shoup doesn’t believe that it should be changed to between fourth and fifth period, because the Clark College, LCC, and Cascadia Tech students have an advisory set up at the end of the day for any information they missed in advisory that day. Shoup has a similar view as Gould of how less students will skip class if it is not at the end of the day.

There are many opinions floating around the school this year about the change of advisory and if we can change it back this year. During the meetings between the staff and the school board representatives they came to two options: having advisory after second period or between fourth and fifth period, because if it’s after second period then you only have 2 classes to do homework for . Even with all these different opinions around the school, hopefully we can come together and make a sensible decision.

DIY Costumes For Halloween

Olivia Grey

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

For the 2018 school year, choosing a fabulous costume to wear for Halloween can be quite stressful. So here are a couple ideas for costumes:

“When Life Gives You Lemons”

A classic saying, this costume will be sure to get a couple of giggles out of people. Just simply walk around and hand lemons to your peers to make the joke just that more ironic.

What you’ll need:

  • White shirt with “Life” printed/taped on the front
  • Multiple lemons
  • Bowl (to hold the lemons)
  • Your choice of shoes & pants

“It’s Jake, from State Farm”

From the famous State Farm commercials, you can be your favorite “agent” from State Farm! This will get a lot of attention and many people will know the reference at first glance.

What you’ll need:

  • Red polo shirt
  • “Hi! My name is” name tag/sticker with “Jake” filled in
  • Khakis
  • White converse (or any white shoes)

“Mr. Shoup”

Just a quick and special surprise costume to really jazz up any event, dress up like the man, the myth, the legend!

What you’ll need:

  • A white button up shirt
  • Bald cap (no hair club)
  • Fake goatee
  • A red tie
  • Black pants with a belt
  • White sign that says “Hello, my name is Shoup.”

“Minnie Mouse”

The classic girl (or boy) costume for all ages! Bring out your inner Disney star with this great costume!

What you’ll need:

  • Black “Minnie/Mickey Mouse” ears
  • A black long sleeved shirt
  • Red shorts with two white dots (buttons)
  • Yellow shoes
  • White gloves

WHS Tea - New Grading Scale

Evelyn Roehn
October 22, 2018

Students on Laptops

During the first few weeks back to school, many students noticed a new page in their Woodland High School (WHS) handbook. Upon reading the handbook in advisory class, several students noticed the new universal grading system. All of the students agree this is a fantastic change. Especially with the addition of D’s back into the grading scale. If you are unfamiliar with the system it goes:























Unlike previous years, a universal grading system is used throughout every class in the school regardless of a teacher’s previous scale. Many students wondered what brought the school to the decision of the communal grading system. Nelean Warndahl, the Biology and Medical Science teacher at WHS states that, “Parents were complaining about keeping track of their student’s grades for each class.” It’s not hard to imagine how parents felt not being able to remember if the 70% on their student’s test in Algebra 2 was passing or not depending on the class.

This is just one of the ways the grading scale has made life easier here at WHS. Zoë McCarthy, a sophomore, was happy for others when the news came about the grading scale. McCarthy shared that “she believes it will help a lot of students who struggle in classes, to still give them the opportunity for some credit for their course.” She is completely correct, we have all stressed at some point about not being able to pass a certain class, due to the different standards for each course. It is nice knowing there is some leeway in every class, in case you are really struggling with a certain topic.

Will we continue to have this grading system for years to come? Of course we don’t know this now, but in the future we could see some changes to accommodate with new standards. Just as McCarthy stated when asked this question she said, “I think it might change through the years because they might be testing this system out and see if the students that struggle will improve.” Although this change may seem small, many believe that it will do great things for our high school.

Relieving stress from students, teachers, and parents has never been discouraged. As a school we can see, now more than ever, that our staff is looking out for us. Warndahl has a great outlook on the situation “I think that it is fine and much easier for parents and students to understand. This way students don't have to know what each teachers' separate grading scales are if they are all the same.” With that, what do you think? Overall, this change could be a resourceful tool in stressful times. That’s the tea WHS.

Meet Your Homecoming Princesses

 McKaden Woodward
October 12, 2018

Meet Your Homecoming Princesses

Hannah Landrigan

Hannah Landrigan is the ASB President and one of the five homecoming princesses this year. Hannah is a cheerleader, soccer player, and a track and field athlete. She says that being a homecoming princess has been a dream of hers ever since she was a little girl. She’s looking forward to the senior lip sync where they will be performing scenes from “High School Musical”. When asked about her favorite high school memory, she explained that her favorite memory was going to state in cheer for the first time in Woodland high school history. She’s had a very busy four years being involved in sports and many out of school activities. Her little sister will be Addison Landrigan. Hannah loves that she gets to experience the fun with her. Hannah’s advice for any high schoolers now or upcoming is to be involved and have fun!


Elyse Booker

Elyse Booker is a high school athlete who is looking to being on this year’s 2018 homecoming court. She is involved in club volleyball, beach volleyball, and is the varsity libero for Woodland High School. She is very excited to graduate but very sad to leave all of the students and faculty members. Her favorite high school memory is going to state and placing second in her sophomore year. She said that her favorite part about being on homecoming court is getting to dress up. Her little sister will be Leanna Russell. Her advice to underclassman is to be nice to everyone, stay out of the drama, and don’t talk about other people behind their backs.


Audrey Adams

Audrey Adams is another one of the princesses this year and she’s very excited to be on the Homecoming court. She is very happy to get to spend the experience with a great group of girls and she’s happy with all of the support she has gotten from other students. She was a varsity soccer and basketball player whose favorite memory was getting to play with her sister (Grace Adams) and having her support through every game and every decision she made on and off the court. She spent her junior year in Brazil where she had a very fun time and would love to go visit there again soon. After high school she hopes to attend a university on the East Coast and focus on studying international relations and economics with a concentration in social work. She later hopes to study abroad. Audrey’s little sister will be Genesis Sanders.


Taylor Foster

Our next princess is Taylor Foster, a volleyball athlete who is excited to be on court with her friends. She loves Woodland and is very sad to say goodbye to all of the students and staff that have been apart of her school and outside life when she graduates. She has been on the varsity volleyball team since her freshman year and her favorite memory was going to state twice! Taylor’s little sister will be Payten Foster. Once she graduates, Taylor is looking to get a scholarship for volleyball and go to a 4-year university and majoring in a medical field.


Ashlyn Daughtery

Our last princess is Ashlyn Daughtery who is a varsity wrestler and soccer player. Ashlyn describes her experience at Woodland High School as very accepting and welcoming and says that her classes always kept her challenged. Her plans for after high school is to possibly wrestle in college or attend WWU. She wants to cherish every moment with her friends before school ends and will miss the “small town vibe”. Her best memory was placing third in wrestling at the Tacoma Dome. She is very excited to be on Homecoming court and be a part of the tradition. Her little sister will be her best friend, Cassidy Upson.




Meet the WHS Foreign Exchange Students

Malin Dyybvik Alnes
October 12, 2018

Meet The WHS Foreign Exchange StudentsMeet The WHS Foreign Exchange Students

"Hi, I´m Smile, I come from France. The reasons why I wanted to be an exchange student are : I wanted to discover a new culture, improve my English,  be more open minded, make new friends and especially make unforgettable encounters."

"Hi I´m Alessia and I’m from Italy, the reason I chose to do an exchange program is to learn English and to know more about the American culture. I like American movies and American snacks, though my favorite food is gelato (a type of ice cream). I´m so happy to be here in Woodland. I love the school system and I love the people I've met so far. This is a small city, but with a lot of kind people."

"Hi, I’m Malin from Norway. There are multiple reasons why I chose to live abroad in a foreign country. I think that an exchange year forces you to think different, live different and act different. Through only a year you develop friendships and memories that will last forever, and that wouldn't be possible if I didn't dare go on an exchange year."

"Hi, I’m Ida from Sweden. The reason I chose to go on an exchange year were because I wanted to experience new things, visit new places and better learn the language. I also wanted to meet new people and see the difference between the countries from my own perspective. During the year I think that I am going to grow as a person and get to know myself even better."

"Hi my name is Andjela and I’m from Montenegro, I became an exchange student because I’ve always liked finding out more about different cultures and I wanted to see a piece of this one. I’ve found out a lot about the american culture from the books I’ve read, and the movies I’ve seen, but I really wanted to experience it myself. Another reason I became an exchange student was because it can be great practice for becoming independent before going away for college. That’s why I decided to join an exchange program and now every day I have the opportunity to learn something new."

"Hi, I’m Marlene from Germany. I went on an exchange year because I wanted to learn about the culture and the way of living in America. I also did it because I wanted to experience how it is to be a student in an American high school."


High School Do's and Don'ts - Advice From an Upperclassman

Olivia Grey
October 8, 2018

High School Do's And Don'ts - Advice From An Upperclassman

Here are some of the basic guidelines for ALL WHS students to follow. By following these rules below, you will be prepared for success!



  • Show up to ALL of your classes on time:

    • As easy and normal as this sounds, showing up to class on time is vital for success. Even if you miss 5 minutes of the beginning of class, you have the potential to be excluded from a lot of information. If you miss out on your teachers assigning you in group projects at the beginning of class, you’re not going to be able to collaborate with Becky on how the Declaration of Independence affects everyone in Utah.

  • Bring a filling lunch to school:

    • This may sound extremely elementary and childish, but trying to study or focus on an assignment when you’re constantly thinking about the leftover Los Pepe’s tacos in your refrigerator is difficult. By packing or buying a lunch, your body is able to gain the necessary (or not so necessary) nutrients it needs in order to obtain the necessary knowledge from your classes. This way, you won’t be so worried about your tacos and if your sibling will eat them while you’re not home.

  • Participate in all of the spirit weeks and as many sporting events as you can:

    • Listen, spirit week can be so much more fun when EVERYONE participates and doesn’t think they're too cool to dress up in all pink or cheer on our athletes. Supporting all WHS athletes will only make our community even more proud of how successful we can be. Not to mention every athlete also appreciates every fan that comes out to support them playing, you can even get a free hot dog or pom pom sometimes on special game nights.
  • Respect your classmates & all upperclassmen:

    • Respecting your peers isn’t something you should be reminded of, but too many times there are rude interactions in the hallways and in the classroom. Respect that others have different ideas and views than you, don’t begin to chase them with how your ideas are better than theirs or even how you believe that they’re wrong. Have decency and don’t be rude. With upperclassmen however, understand that they have been in school longer than you, and they have more piled up stress than underclassmen. If an upperclassmen tells you to stop doing something, stop. Don’t make a fuss and be impolite and continue to be annoying.

  • Follow all WHS social media on twitter:

    • Staying in the know about what’s going on with our school and athletics is so important! Not only will you be alerted whenever our Woodland athletics do something amazing, but you will also be prepared for any events while staying in the loop with other students. Plus, occasionally Paul will post pictures of the student section and you can see yourself at the games shoving skittles in your mouth proudly while cheering.



  • Be rude to your teachers, secretaries, and custodians:

    • Listen, I get it. We all get frustrated with people in our lives, but literally no one gets paid enough to deal with bratty students who think they’re more respectable than the adults in the room. All of Woodland’s teachers are great people and they definitely don’t get paid enough to hear you complain on how even though you have over 10 missing assignments because you didn’t “feel” like doing them, you should have an A. Have respect for the secretaries in the office as well. Custodians also have to deal with much more than many think. Students that feel the need to toss garbage on the floor or throw it on the walls are making their lives much more difficult. The custodians are all such nice people and they don’t leave until everything is cleaned up. Respect them and the school.

  • Stand in the middle of the hallway:

    • Okay this is something that bothers everyone. I don’t care if you are in a deep conversation on how your significant other didn’t reply to your text for two minutes or how hurt you are that they “don’t care” anymore or anything like that, that doesn’t mean you have the right to just stand in the middle of the hallway of passing period while others are going to class. Throw it back to the 80’s and go in the bathroom and cry about it, not when people are just trying to go to class and mind their own business.

  • Waiting until the last minute to complete assignments:

    • Now that we’re all in high school and we all understand how much homework we all get, let’s stop the procrastination and actually get the assignments done. Waiting until the last minute to complete your AP US History notes or even your Algebra II homework will only make you more stressed out. By just getting your homework out of the way, you will have much more time to get back to your Netflix time or your vine compilation videos on YouTube. The more you wait to complete assignments, the worse your grades will become because you’ll be rushing all your work. Procrastination is not the key in these situations.

  • Vandalize the bathroom or any school property:

    • Seriously? We still have to bring this topic up? Vandalizing property that isn’t yours should not bring you actual joy. That's plain disrespectful and what are you really gaining? Letting everyone know that you and Mindy are best friends forever to the moon and back to infinity? Irrelevant. Vandalizing is so unnecessary and that's another added jobs the custodians don’t need to be worrying about.

  • Don’t show more skin than clothes:

    • According to the WHS student handbook, all students should be abiding by all of the dress code regulations. All boys and girls must consider before they leave for class every day, if their grandmother would like to see them in this outfit on Sunday mornings. Self-expression and being true to yourself is very important, but we do go to public school and we fortunately don’t have to wear a uniform. We have the right to wear whatever we feel, just make sure whatever that is that it passes everything in the student handbook.

  • Run in the hallways:

    • This is one of the most juvenile things you can do in a high school. There is absolutely no reason why ten seconds after the bell rings, that you should begin sprinting to get out of the door. The school campus is not that big and you’re being a huge disruption to everyone who’s minding their business and walking to class. You may not think it is that obnoxious, but when you’re sprinting and your backpack is flying everywhere and hitting random students, others are not happy with your behavior. This isn’t even middle school behavior, this is how a five year old acts when their mother calls for them for dinner. Just stop running and simply walk to class like a high school student should.