Senior Information

To earn a Woodland High School Diploma, a student must accomplish three tasks:
  1. Earn at least 24 credits and pass all required classes
  2. Show academic competency on through one of the different assessment options as outlined in this document.
  3. Complete a Culminating Project as well as a High School and Beyond Plan

Woodland High School operates on a two semester system with four grading periods. Semester grades are given after the second and fourth quarters. Those semester grades are the marks recorded on student transcripts and are the permanent grades for courses taken.

The high school runs on a six period day, with an advisory period. Students can earn 6.5 credits in a year. Please see the following pages for the required classes for your graduation year.

It is a policy of the Woodland School District that to receive a Woodland High School diploma a student must be enrolled in the high school for at least their final semester prior to completing graduation requirements.

Apply for Financial Aid
  • You and your family should save this year's pay stubs to estimate income on aid forms that you'll file early next year.
  • Submit your FAFSA as soon after January 1 as possible. Men who are 18 years of age or older must register with Selective Service to receive federal financial aid.
  • Many priority financial aid deadlines fall in February. To get the most attractive award package, apply by the priority date. Keep copies of everything you send.


State/National Scholarships
Here on the first page you will find information on various state and national scholarships, as well as other resources on scholarships.

Woodland Local Scholarships
On the second page is all the information needed for the Woodland Local Scholarships, however, these pages are only accessible during the application process (Dec-Mar each year).



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Important dates and Links:

Cap and Gowns:  It is time to order cap and gowns and announcements.  Mail In Deadline is October 31.  Extra packets are available in the high school office.  Also, check out Jostens.com - Woodland High School- Woodland Wa to order also.  

The updated spring senior presentation dates are TBD. All other deadlines and presentation dates remain the same as indicated on the Culminating Project webpage.

Senior End of Year Finals Schedule

Second Semester 2020

June 1 (Monday)

Senior Finals Periods 0, 1, 4

June 2 (Tuesday)

Senior Finals Periods 2 & 5

June 3 (Wednesday)

Senior Finals Periods 3 & 6


Below is the Every 15 Minutes Schedule for Seniors - May 7th- Seniors please check in with your teacher and than report to the library computer lab.  Running Start Students may participate during any periods between 1-5 and attend the assembly the next day on Friday- May 8th- in the gym during 2nd period- 10:00am.  

Every 15 Minutes 2020
Name   Period   Teacher    
Akerley, Soren 1   Woodward  
Albert, Jorryn 1   Flanagan    
Armstrong, Jayden 1   Woodward  
Avendano, Isabela 2   Blackwelder  
Baca-Diaz, Jose 1   Woodward  
Baxter, Alice 1   Woodward  
Beardsley, Chelsey 4   Blackwelder  
Beardsley, Kayla 3   Close    
Belion, Nasir 2   Blackwelder  
Bennett, Esther 3   Close    
Berg, Robert 4   Blackwelder  
Cano-Lorenzo, Jennifer 1   Woodward  
Cargile, Haylee 3   Close    
Cresap, Alee 1   Woodward  
Cresap, Benjamin 1   Woodward  
Cruz-Lopez, Emily 1   Woodward  
Cushman, Elleigha 5   Keefer    
Darr, Zaiden 5   Blackwelder  
Dawson, Saddie 3   Close    
Dodds, Jaelyn 1   Flanagan    
Dunn, Lilly 3   Close    
Ek, Maria   4   Blackwelder  
Elkinton, Gwenyth 3   Close    
Fosmark, Jaydee 1   Woodward  
Franco, Matilde 5   Keefer    
Fuerst, Faith 5   Keefer    
Gonzalez Covarrubias, Jose 5   Blackwelder  
Gonzalez, Nicolas 2   Flanagan    
Graham, Colton 1   Woodward  
Gudmunson, Erik 3   Close    
Guerlain, Nicole 5   Keefer    
Guillen, Savannah 2   Blackwelder  
Guthrie, Nicole 4   Gordon    
Gutridge, Molina 3   Conditt    
Guzman-Cruz, Edwar 2   Liabraaten  
Gyldendal, Karen 5   Blackwelder  
Hall, Isaac 4   Blackwelder  
Hammons, Hunter 3   Close    
Hansen, Vanessa 2   Blackwelder  
Hanson, Trey 2   Blackwelder  
Harrington, Jaedyn 5   Conditt    
Henderson, Michaela 2   Blackwelder  
Hernandez, Bradley 3   Close    
Hernandez, Kate 4   Blackwelder  
Herrera, Anthony 3   Close    
Hofer, Lara 5   Blackwelder  
Holmes, Walter 3   Close    
Huntsinger, Austin 1   Woodward  
Jackson, Hunter 1   Woodward  
Jackson, Kennedy 1   Woodward  
Juarez, Marilin 1   Woodward  
Kasalova, Hana 2   Blackwelder  
Leifson, Rafe 1   Woodward  
Lix, Evan   3   Close    
Lopez, Jesus 2   Liabraaten  
Lopez-Cifentes, Mirza 3   Close    
Lopez-Cruz, Marlene 2   Blackwelder  
Lopez-Ramos, Enau 2   Blackwelder  
Lucatero, Cazandra 1   Woodward  
Martinez Martinez, Daisy 5   Keefer    
Martinez-Lopez, Aaron 3   Close    
McGraw, Brandon 3   Close    
McIntire, Chayse 2   Blackwelder  
Merlin, Victoria 4   Gordon    
Mobbs, Shaina 3   Close    
Mueller, Cheyenne 3   Close    
Murray, Alysia 2   Flanagan    
Naess, Tuva 5   Blackwelder  
Naranjo, Christopher 1   Woodward  
Nosler, Jade 4   Blackwelder  
Nunez-Morales, Clevert 3   Close    
Owen, Parker 5   Blackwelder  
Patnode, Elisabeth 4   Gordon    
Paulsen, Katelyn 5   Blackwelder  
Perez, Brayden 2   Blackwelder  
Pinsly, Evelyn 4   Gordon    
Porter, Christopher 1   Flanagan    
Presley, Zzyzx 2   Blackwelder  
Renderos, Camila 2   Blackwelder  
Reyes, Parker 4   Blackwelder  
Risley, Carleigh 2   Blackwelder  
Rogers, Destiny 2   Blackwelder  
Rubottom, Camryn 2   Blackwelder  
Sadlier, Shaun 1   Woodward  
Salas, Spencer 3   Close    
Saldana, Ruth 5   Keefer    
Schreiner, Kacy 4   Blackwelder  
Schwentner, Raffaella 5   Blackwelder  
Shaffer, Paiger 3   Close    
Shepherd, Dalton 3   Close    
Sibley, Mackenzi 2   Blackwelder  
Siple, Daylin 4   Gordon    
Skelton, Darrick 2   Blackwelder  
Smith, Logan 2   Flanagan    
Sonesson, Maja 5   Keefer    
Suomi, Nathan 3   Close    
Sweyer, Kelly 4   Gordon    
Terrien, Jordan 4   Gordon    
Terriquez-Rodriguez, Itzel 1   Woodward  
Thomas, Samuel 3   Close    
Thrall, Aidan 4   Blackwelder  
Turner, Emma 3   Close    
Upson, Cassidy 2   Blackwelder  
Valenzuela, Nansi 1   Woodward  
Vasquez-Rojas, Jose 3   Close    
Vasquez-Rojas, Julia 4   Blackwelder  
Volesky, Seth 2   Blackwelder  
Ward, Jennika 3   Close    
Watson, Travin 3   Close    
Webster, Lee 1   Woodward  
Wingfield, Caleb 1   Flanagan    
Yager, Francisco 1   Woodward  
Young, Rachel 5   Conditt    
Zarate-Rodriguez, Elva 5   Blackwelder