Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Conference 2017

Vision: To prepare all students for life after graduating high school.

Mission: To facilitate the teaching of relevant skills and knowledge for learning, career and life.

Goal: To increase graduation rates and prepare students for employment by engaging them in learning related to career interests and workplace readiness / 21st Century skills.


  • We believe all students when provided the opportunity, will flourish in an environment that engages them in learning.
  • We believe through collaborative work, we can positively impact our students learning and their preparation for the world of work.
  • We believe that keeping programs current by staying connected to what is happening in business/industry will have a positive impact on our students.
  • We believe there are many paths traveled to get to a desired career and our job is to assist students in understanding those various paths so they choose the best one to fit their needs.

Benefits of Career & Technical Courses

  • Many of our courses provide an opportunity to gain college as well as high school credit
  • Many of our classes provide an opportunity for credit equivalency to help students meet their graduation requirements
  • Provide technical skills that transfer into the world of work
  • 21st Century Skills are taught helping students prepare for the workplace

Learn More About CTE

Woodland student waters plants during Horticulture Class

Learn more about our changing economy, in demand careers in our region, along with their education and salary levels:

Taking CTE classes can earn credit at Clark College:
Woodland High School Course Clark College Equivalent Credits Earned
Anatomy and Physiology HEOC 100 - Anatomy and Physiology 4
Medical Science 1 & 2 (Year-Long) HEOC 104 3
Medical Science 1 (Semester) HLTH 124 1
Take all of the courses listed above BMED 110 & 111 6

Taking CTE classes can earn credit at Lower Columbia College:
Woodland High School Course Lower Columbia College Equivalent Credits Earned
Early Childhood Education
(Year-Long, Grade of B or better)
ECED 105, ECED 107 & ECED 120 12

ECED 100 - Basics of Childcare 3

Initial Certificate

Total Credits Earned: 15

Career Pathways

In order to align with our new State graduation requirements and to meet our goal of preparing students for their future, we begin helping students build their High School & Beyond Plan in middle school.

Woodland High Schools offers CTE courses in Early Childhood Education Students use tools as a way to learn more about their interests and learning styles which connect them to potential careers. This process helps them in determining their career pathway. 

Woodland Public Schools CTE Course Catalog

CTE Job Fair 2018

The following is Woodland Public Schools' entire CTE course catalog. Not all courses are offered every semester/year.

Click here to download the entire Curriculum Handbook for Woodland High School


Kendra Pearce
Taught by Kendra Pearce
(360) 841-2800

Career Options Handout for Agriculture

  • Floral Design 1*
  • Floral Design 2*
  • Floral Design 3*
  • Floral Design 4*
  • Floral Shop Management
  • Horticulture 1
  • Horticulture 2

Business Management & Administration

Rose Ruff
Taught by Rose Ruff
(360) 841-2800

Career Options Handout for Business Management & Administration

Career Options Handout for Digital Arts and A/V

  • Career Choices
  • Computer Applications
  • Digital Arts*
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Fitness 
  • Marketing
  • Office Skills and Communication
  • Publishing
  • Retail Operations
  • Web Design 1
  • Web Design 2

Family Consumer Science

Kimberly Miller
Taught by Kimberly Miller
Family & Consumer Science
(360) 841-2800

Career Options Handout for Family Consumer Science

Career Options Handout for Education & Training

  • Creative Chef
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Ethnic Cooking
  • Independent Living

Health Science

Nelean Warndahl
Taught by Nelean Warndahl warndahn@woodlandschools.org

Career Options Handout for Health Science

  • AP Biology
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Medical Science 1
  • Medical Science 2

Information Technology

Rose Ruff
Taught by Rose Ruff
(360) 841-2800

Career Options Handout for Information Technology

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • AP Computer Science

Skilled & Technical Services

Wayne Miller
Taught by Wayne Miller
(360) 841-2800

Career Options Handout for Skilled & Technical Services

Career Options Handout for Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

  • Auto Maintenance
  • Metal 1 (Beginning)
  • Metal 2 (Advanced)
  • Maritime Trades

* designates a course that receives cross-credit or college credit