Library Catalogs

WMS Destiny Discover and WMS Library Classic
Use these links to find resources in our library! Destiny Discover provides a visual, user friendly search experience while Destiny Classic allows more options for limiting your search.

Use this link to access Fort Vancouver Regional Library’s online resources and services. If asked to log in, use 98674000 followed by your Skyward student ID. Your PIN is the 4-digit year you were born.

ProQuest Databases

If prompted for a login and password use:
Login: woodlandwa
Password: beavers

Use CultureGrams to find information on the countries of the world, the 50 U.S. states, or the 13 Canadian provinces.

eLibrary is a general reference collection of periodical and digital media content, meaning it contains newspaper and magazine articles, websites, videos and more on a wide range of topics.

History Study Center
History Study Center offers historical materials that span from ancient times through today’s current events.

SIRS Discoverer
Like eLibrary, SIRS is a general reference database meaning it contains information on a wide range of topics in a wide range of formats. The difference is that SIRS is specifically designed for elementary and middle school users so it is easier to use than our other general reference collections.

ProQuest Learning: Literature
ProQuest Learning: Literature contains works of poetry, prose, and drama from around the world, as well as author biographies, literary criticisms, essays, reviews, and interviews from literary magazines and journals.

ProQuest Research Library
ProQuest Research Library is another general reference database. So how is it different from SIRS and eLibrary? It is geared toward high school and adult researchers and is more comprehensive, containing more resources than SIRS and eLibrary, including articles from scholarly journals.

Web Resources
As the name implies, is an online dictionary. Use it to lookup definitions, synonyms, and translations.

Get your news here! Newsela offers high quality articles about current events that are written for students. You can even limit articles by reading level and grade level. is a website dedicated to providing unbiased information on controversial issues. If you are working on a debate or trying to decide what side of an issue you stand on, this is your website.

Reader's Corner

AR Bookfinder
Use AR Bookfinder to find out if a book has AR associated with it. Please note: This is a comprehensive site that includes all books that have AR. This does not mean that our library owns the book.

Featured Books
Each year we feature books that are nominated for, or have recently won, an award. We spotlight the Newbery, Sibert, and Young Reader’s Choice book awards. Use the links to see descriptions of the featured titles from past years.