Girl Talk & Tennies

Girl Talk and Tennies is a Woodland Middle School club for girls, grades 5th through 8th grade. Middle School can be a very positive experience for many. We also realize Middle School can be at times tough for girls physically, mentally and socially. Girl Talk and Tennies Club helps build relationships, healthy friendships, and offers support and guidance from female teachers and peers.

We have 2-3 meetings a month to discuss important topics, address current issues at WMS, and participate in group fitness and bonding activities. We work with the girls to set academic and social goals and provide them with skills to reach these goals. We celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and kick off Summer with a fun party!

Throughout the year, the club participates in community service outreach projects as well. In the past we have volunteered at Make a Difference Day, WMS campus clean-up, Rotary Club Christmas wrapping for local families in need, and have spent time giving back at the Woodland Action Center.

If you are interested in joining GTT listen to morning announcements for club meeting dates or talk with Mrs. Dietrich or Mrs. Beasley.


Each school year the students elect four of their classmates to serve as the ASB officers for the next school year. The students serve in the following offices: president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. During the summer the students attend a leadership camp to become familiar with their responsibilities and to further develop their leadership skills. They act as liaisons between the student body and the school. ASB meetings are held monthly and conducted by the ASB president. Among the most important duties the officers have is to manage, and be responsible for the ASB budget and all expenditures within the school year. As new ideas are generated, the officers meet with the principal to discuss and act upon each of them.

ASB Financials

ASB funds are for the extracurricular benefit of the students. 


Leadership class is a one-semester length elective class. The purpose of the class is to increase students' leadership skills as they plan and implement a variety of activities for the middle school student body. Students must complete an application and approval process during forecasting in the Spring in order to be considered for the class.

Beginning Band

Beginning Band is a class for students who wish to learn to play one of the musical instruments found in a traditional Symphonic Band. These instruments include flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, baritone horn, trombone, and percussion. Students will learn techniques for sound production, music reading, and technical proficiency on their chosen instrument. Students will also participate in required quarterly concerts/ recitals. No previous experience is required to participate in this class. This class is open to all grade levels. Students who elect to take band are required to purchase a low-cost methods book and rent or purchase an instrument for their own use within the class. A small number of instruments are available for use through the school for students who qualify for free/ reduced lunch.

Trojan Band

Trojan Band is an ensemble for more advanced young musicians in the 6th-8th grade. Students will be enrolled in this ensemble based on invitation or audition, as it is an ensemble for more advanced players. Instrumentation for this ensemble will be similar to that of the Intermediate Band. This class will move beyond foundation elements of music reading and performance and teach into the more subtle elements of musical performance and production. The students in this ensemble will participate in required quarterly concerts and seasonal parades as well as state festivals. Students from this ensemble will also be invited to participate in Solo and Ensemble competitions and will be given other opportunities for performance as well. See our MS/HS music website for more details.


We learn a wide variety of music and also the fundamentals of written music. Emphasis is placed on music as a means of self-expression. See our MS/HS music website for more details.

Jazz Band

Jazz Ensemble 1.0 credit Grades: 7-12 Prerequisite: Limited enrollment. Auditions will take place in early June of the previous academic year. Students enrolled in this class will be expected to commit to the ensemble for a full year. Students provide their own transportation to the high school for rehearsal. This is a zero period class that meets from 7:30-8:20 a.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8:50-9:40 on Mondays. Student must be enrolled for the full year to earn the .5 credit. No credit will be earned at the end of Semester 1. Fee: $25 This course focuses on a variety of jazz styles and may include swing, Dixieland, Funk, Latin, and Fusion. There is an emphasis on theory as it relates to jazz and improvisation and includes various opportunities for performance. Students with disabilities or modified education will be accommodated accordingly to allow participation in this class.

Lego Robotics

When you were in grade school did you like to play with LEGOS? These students still do!!!! They take it to the next level. LEGO robotics!!!! The LEGO robotics team is coached by Mr. Jud. It is a semester long elective made up of six to ten students. Every year they compete in the regional competition at Salmon Creek Elementary School in Vancouver Washington. If they win that competition they continue on to the state competition in Hillsboro Oregon.

There are four parts to the competition. The first part of the competition is the Robot Run. In this challenge the robot completely built and programmed by the team must complete certain missions, that are related to the theme. Friends and family like to watch this part of the competition, and cheer the teams on.

The second part of the challenge is technical judging. The team's robot is judged on how technically advanced the robot design and programming is. The judges for this are engineers. Unlike the Robot Run, the public is not permitted to watch this part of the competition. Another part of the competition is The Project. The team must come up with a problem and innovative solution on the theme. After this, the team shares their research with the community, and gives a presentation to the judges at the competition. Anybody over ten can watch the presentation.

The final part of the competition is Teamwork Judging. The team is given a problem and five minutes to find a solution. There are a wide range of problems. Some problems that have been given in the past are: building a structure out of pennies, making a bridge out of marshmallows and toothpicks, or crossing a toxic river with only one pair of boots. Because of the nature of this activity, only the head coach is permitted to watch.

Lego Robotics is a great way to learn about the world around us. These competitions create the engineers of the future.