Kelso's Choice is a program being used at Columbia Elementary School to teach conflict management skills. Kelso the Frog posters hang in every classroom and on the playground to remind our students of 9 ways they can solve small, kid-sized problems on their own, rather than tattling or getting a grown up immediately involved. Kelso teaches that "each child is smart enough and strong enough to resolve conflicts." All students are encouraged to try 2 of Kelso's Choices to solve small problems before getting help from a grown up. They are also taught that if there is a big problem, they need to tell an adult they trust. For more information about the Kelso's Choice program, please visit:

We encourage parents to talk to their students about Kelso's Choices and practice using them at home as well as at school.

Kelso's Choices

  • Make a deal
  • Wait and cool off
  • Go to another game
  • Talk it out
  • Share and take turns
  • Ignore it
  • Walk away
  • Tell them to stop
  • Apologize