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Yale School is a place where "Learning and Community Connect." Yale Elementary School strives to provide educational experiences with a focus on the individual child.

Woodland Middle School holds soccer jamboree for first-ever Clark and Cowlitz counties' middle school girls soccer league

Woodland Middle School hosted the seasons first soccer jamboree for the first-ever middle school girls soccer league in Clark and Cowlitz counties on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 with teams from Castle Rock School District, Kings Way Christian Schools, Ridgefield School District, and Woodland Public...

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Woodland Public Schools, in partnership with families and the community, will create a PreK-12 system that serves and supports ALL children-and ensures that EACH child has FULL access to, is engaged in, and obtains an excellent education that prepares them for responsible citizenship and a future of adaptability and success in life and their chosen endeavors.

Local Homeless Student Liaison: Jake Hall
Phone: 360-841-2720
Email: hallj@woodlandschools.org

School Homeless Student Liaison: Dee Ray
Phone: 360.841.2850
Email: rayd@woodlandschools.org

Homeless Educational Assistance Information