Our Mission

Yale School is a place where “Learning and Community Connect”. Yale Elementary School strives to provide educational experiences with a focus on the individual child.

Our Learning Programs

Yale Elementary School is served by three teachers, four support staff and numerous parent volunteers. Classrooms are multi-aged, utilizing thematic units and cross-grade activities that work well in this small, family-like setting. Students in grades K-2 “Walk to Read” under a format that assures reading instruction at their appropriate learning level.

Yale enjoys strong support from its Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), an instrumental organizer and fundraiser for student activities. Special programs are provided by the school Special Education staff in partnership with several Woodland-based specialists who visit regularly. Learning disabilities including speech and hearing are supported through these services.

Our Students

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds that include families with long connections to the area and families that have recently found or built a home in this peaceful valley. Our school serves grades K-4, with 5th graders transitioning to Woodland Middle School.

Yale 3rd and 4th grade students take the Smarter Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) each year. Results are an indicator of how well our students mastery of learning expectations compare with others throughout the District.

Our Staff

Yale Elementary School staff work to promote positive and cooperative behavior among students. Due to its size, the staff has the opportunity to develop and plan curriculum together, fostering a collaborative, ever-improving school environment. Everyone does a bit of everything at the Yale School!

Our Facility

Located in the Yale Valley near Mt. St. Helens, Yale Elementary is situated in a beautiful, rural setting surrounded by tree covered mountains and lakes. Yale staff incorporates the natural surroundings into their curriculum whenever possible.

Yale utilizes a modernized technology program with Chromebooks and cloud computing to allow teachers to integrate technology into their curriculum. The facility houses a library, playground and indoor gymnasium. Notable recent facility improvements include technology backbone and network wiring, new carpeting in the main school hallways, a new gym and a new play structure..

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower every child to become a self-directed, life long learner through a positive partnership with families and the Yale community. Our academic goals focus on helping all of our students meet standards. Yale 3rd, and 4th grade students take the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA). Results are an indicator of how well our students mastery of learning expectations compare with others throughout the District. You can check our progress toward our goals on the state Report Card website.

Contact Us

We at Yale Elementary encourage positive partnerships with parents and community and feel there is a way for everyone to help in the school. Please call our the school if you would like to volunteer. Even if you aren't sure how you might help, contact us and we'll brainstorm a way for you to contribute!